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Irrigation Engineer Job Description

One important requirement for agriculture is good water supply. From time to time they get this supply of water from rain but unfortunately there are some areas where it seldom rains and the only way to provide water to these places is through irrigation. Irrigation has been practiced long before in the ancient times. The one who is an expert in setting this up is an Irrigation Engineer.

If you want a deeper explanation of this career, read the written job description below.

What is an Irrigation Engineer?

An Irrigation Engineer is the one who analyze, plan and design an irrigation system that is used for distributing water to land that is used for agriculture. This would include canals, barrage, drain, dams and other supporting system.

Duties of an Irrigation Engineer

  • An Irrigation Engineer designs, makes and understand an irrigation system that will give the most excellent result to an area. This irrigation system will help in improving the water and soil conservation methods which may consist of changing the topography. Irrigation Engineers also makes research on problems that are related to soil drainage. They apply their knowledge to find solutions.
  • Irrigation Engineers teach the consumers regarding the various types of irrigation system that are available and this would include sprinklers and drip systems. This can be made possible by reading topographical maps and looking at aerial pictures.
  • An Irrigation Engineer devises and creates analyzed information for their clients that would refer to the different systems. They also troubleshoot problems that may come up during installation of irrigation system and during usage.
  • Irrigation Engineers keep all the designs they made for the farmers in their specific places in a record. They utilize programs and computer software to create plans and detailed blueprints of the procedures for installation. They will also have to explain the impact of having this irrigation system.

Work Condition of an Irrigation Engineer

  • This Irrigation Engineers divide their time both working in the office where they study the area of their client and make plans for the irrigation system to be installed and the half of their time will be used to go to the field to survey the area that can help in planning the appropriate irrigation system. Usually they will be assigned to rural areas where most of the agricultural lands are found.

Educational Requirements of an Irrigation Engineer

  • Most employers would opt to hire aspirants to who have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and have enough knowledge of CAD applications. They must also have a master’s degree in agriculture. They should know something about fluid mechanics that would help them in designing irrigation systems.

Occupation and Progress of an Irrigation Engineer

Agriculture has been the primary producer of food ever since men were able to know how to grow crops. Nowadays almost every country is engaged in doing agricultural activities. There are countries in which agriculture is the source of their income. As long as there is man, agriculture will always be there. And because of this the services of Irrigation Engineer will always be needed.

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