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Investment Banker Job Description

Since there are tons of businesses around the market today, the competitions are quite tough. But because of the desire of other people to become an investment banker, getting the success you want for your business venture is now as easy as ABC!

If you would like to consider this job then you’d better read the details below.

What is an Investment Banker?

Investment banker is the bank representative working at financial institution (investment bank) that actually responsible for assisting companies as well as governments to raise and earn capital. But unlike those traditional banks, investment bankers do not offer any loans or even accept deposits coming from the public. The investment banker is the only one who decides whether to underwrite the issue for securities both for debt as well as for equity that are typically purchased by the investment bank depending on the agreed price, therefore making sure the issuer actually receives the funds.

Duties of an Investment Banker

  • Investment bankers sometimes may be required to acquire the issue in the open market to obtain the peg prices.
  • Investment banker is responsible for providing services and advices to companies, government agencies and other public organizations.
  • Investment banker is responsible in providing assistance as well as advice to companies with mergers as well as acquisitions, which mostly means that investment banker, also acts as the personal buyer or seller (whatsoever job position the corporation is taking) and also the one who makes those negotiations as regards to the company’s transaction.
  • Investment banker also provides a broad selection of company’s services, such as underwriting the issuance of the company’s equity or debt to assists a company during financial difficulties.
  • He or she also deals with governments as regards to the issue of privatization of public entities.

Work Condition of an Investment Banker

  • An investment banker typically works long hours. He normally needs to work 70 hours work week or even more if required and night sessions are also included in case there are any deals that need to get done.
  • An investment banker actually travels a lot and often works in the field since he needs to do some marketing.
  • There are also times when investment banker spends some time working in his office dealing with strategies to pitch to his clients and even preparing financial statements and reports.

Educational Requirements of an Investment Banker

  • Here are the general requirements to those interested applicants who want to apply: First, he or she must have at least a Master’s of Business Administration through an accredited post-graduate university acquired after graduating on his or her bachelor’s degree. Second, you must have a CFA designation.

Occupation and Progress of an Investment Banker

  • Investment bankers typically work for a certain company and most of the time they spend their days out in the filed, marketing and sending pitches to their clients. In order to make progress on their profession, he or she should have attained higher education such as MBA to attain promotions.

It is important that you keep yourself oriented and knowledgeable on whichever choice of profession you decide to take. Being a hard working and diligent investment banker, you will surely be able to achieve that promotion in no time at all.

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