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Floor Director Job Description

Preparations of the stage settings for production is the responsibility of the Floor Director.

Primary Objectives:

  • The Floor Director maintains an inventory of the headset units.
  • The Floor Director supervises the floor crew which includes the camera operators and visual stylists.
  • The Floor Director is responsible for maintaining communications with the audience.

A degree in media studies or in film is an advantage to Floor Directors. The Floor Director must also have a working knowledge on lighting circuitry as well as filament replacement. Knowledge of camera positions is also required of a Floor Director.

The Floor Director makes sure that equipment such as the earpieces and the microphones of all talents are ready to use and working before production starts. Preparations of productions with the props, studio lighting and sounds are also taken care of by the Floor Director. The Floor Directors also has the responsibility of upkeeping the cameras as they are moved from studio to studio. When live shows are rehearsed, that is also the responsibility of the Floor Director. The safety regulations (e.g. checking if the fire exits are clear of any equipment) must also be adhered to and checked by the Floor Director. The Floor Director communicates with the guests and the audience and assists them. He seats the audience and manages them. Besides being the link to the audience, the Floor Director also is the link between the floor and the director who stays up in the gallery. He relays instructions given by the director in the control room to the floor by using talkback systems. The Floor Director also informs the producer and the director of what is going on the floor off- camera. The Floor Director explains to the audience some safety requirements, explains to them what is going to happen during the production and informs then when the production is going to be aired. Giving cues, time counts and briefings to guests, actors and presenters to ensure smooth broadcasting and perfect timings. The Floor Director also checks if there are props which will be later on be required during the production and deals in case technical difficulties occur during the production.

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