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Music Video Editor Job Description

Cutting, rearranging segments and condensing the film into its ideal length are all done by the Music Video Editor.

Primary Objectives:

  • A Music Video Editor has the final decision in choosing which parts of the video will remain as they are and which parts must be cut and redone.
  • This is the type of job that requires the ability to tell a story through the music video.
  • The Music Video Editor is in charge of how the finished product will be appealing enough to sell the band and promote the artist’s songs.

A Bachelor’s degree in cinematography or in audiovisual techniques is desirable. A Music Video Editor must show expertise in using software and technology. Certification programs are offered by systems for digital editing such as Final Cut Pro and Avid. A Music Video Editor must have a keen eye and a trained hand to be able to relate a smooth story through a song.

The quality of video segment and its entertainment value are considered by the Music Video Editor. The Music Video Editor must be able to mesh all the elements of the film which revolves around a particular song. Each video segment must relate to the other segments of the video. The Music Video Editor then reassembles and rearranges the video segments to come up with a finished product that is most effective in selling songs, in promoting bands and in reflecting the intentions of the artist’s record label. Condensing the film into the perfect length of the song is the responsibility of the Music Video Editor. The Music Video Editor works, all throughout the project, with video directors and producers. The comments of the director and the producer are combined with the Music Video Editor’s own sense of how the whole video must look like. The intention of the music video is something that the Music Video Editor must learn during the preproduction phase wherein he actively participates as well so that by the time the production stage is done, the Music Video Editor will then find it easy to do his job.

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