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Outreach Worker Job Description

Community outreach worker is a rewarding and challenging career path. If you have an inner drive in working for outreach organizations, then becoming an outreach worker is something to consider. Below is the information to read on about the job description of an outreach worker.

What is an outreach worker?

Outreach workers are also known as human and social service assistants who are responsible in providing services to community and individuals to help improve their quality of life. Outreach workers usually work under the direct supervision of expert professionals such as psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists and social workers.

Duties of an outreach worker

  • Outreach workers meet with their clients in order to know their needs and match the needs with services and benefits that may help improve their life. These services include Medicaid, food stamps and welfare. They also monitor the status of their clients and refer with their supervisors so as to make sure that cases are managed properly.
  • Outreach workers coordinate with group activities, oversee programs related to food bank, work in home groups and assist clients with their daily tasks. They provide emotional support for their clients and help them in finding their support groups and any other activities that may provide their needs.
  • Outreach workers work with families and communities to comply with their basic needs, keep records of their community and client that they serve, review records, talk to family members, caregivers or medical personnel in order to provide accurate information about their clients or community.
  • An outreach worker’s job includes overseeing programs, workshops, volunteers and staff members. They focus on frequent interaction with their community members using programming in first hand delivery. The position also includes development and planning of programming, implementation as well as evaluation. This position serves as a liaison between an organizations and the community.

Condition of work

Outreach workers are mostly employed at any offices with good ventilation and well-lighted environment. They may also travel so as to attend community programs or events regularly. Some outreach workers are employed in clinics and hospitals while others may work at group homes or shelters homes.

Educational Requirements

In order to become an outreach worker, candidates are required to obtain a GED or a high school diploma. However, many employers prefer candidates with an associate degree or a certificate in social service. Some outreach workers earn a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in social or human service, behavioral science or any other related field in social work.

Occupation and Progress

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for outreach workers is about $27,280 per annum. The BLS also predicted that job prospects for a community outreach worker will grow about 23% on 2008 and 2018.

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