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Outreach Coordinator Job Description

If you love to participate in any outreach programs, then becoming an outreach coordinator is something to consider. Read on for the job description of an outreach coordinator.

What is an outreach coordinator?

Outreach coordinators work for non-profit, community or medical outreach organizations. These professionals are responsible in organizing media events, fundraising and other services.

Duties of an outreach coordinator

  • An outreach coordinator is responsible in organizing various outreach events which includes sales, marketing and planning on activities in order to promote services and receive donations.
  • They create activities so as to supplement the staffing needs and attain community members that are involve with the mission of an organization. Duties also include training, recruiting and managing outreach volunteers. There are some organizations that recruit many volunteers for special events.
  • Specific job may include advertising, screening and recruiting volunteers, providing training and orientation for volunteers, providing support, tracking performance of volunteers and keeping exact record of volunteer activities.
  • Daily duties include contacting volunteers regarding their availability, scheduling meetings, receiving feedbacks on volunteer’s experiences, recognizing efforts of volunteers with thank you letters or awards and responding to the inquiries of their volunteers.
  • The coordinator should work closely with some other departments within their organization in order to make sure that the needs of the volunteers are met.

Condition of work

Outreach coordinators are employed in various organizations such as non-profit, community and medical outreach organizations. These professions mostly require some travelling so as to meet with churches, community leaders, business and some other organizations in order to promote their services.

Educational Requirements

  • In order to become an outreach coordinator, most employers require candidates with a bachelor’s degree in discipline or in social services or in any related course. However some employers only require candidates with a GED or a high school diploma and a good number of experiences in an outreach organization. Some employers also require candidates that hold a master’s degree in social service along with 5 to 20 years of work experience.
  • Candidates should also possess exceptional skills in communication and managing a department or a team.

Occupation and Progress

According to United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, job prospects for outreach coordinators will have few changes or no change as the position requires an inner drive to perform and handle outreach programs. The average salary for outreach coordinators is about $44,000 per annum.

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