Junior Graphic Designer Job Description

by Publishing Team on April 11, 2011

As you come across the beautiful pages of a magazine, the eye catching brands a company sell and those visuals you see in video games where you spend most of your time, you would wonder who produces this kind of artwork. Well, they are called Junior Graphic Designer.

If you think you have what it takes to become a Junior Graphic Designer then try this career now.

What is a Junior Graphic Designer?

Junior Graphic Designers handles the artwork for their clients or their company. They are usually hired in industries like advertising, manufacturing, distributing and retail sales. They are the interns and apprentice who are still learning the job.

Duties of a Junior Graphic Designer

  • These Junior Graphic Designers usually assist the senior employees in the field of graphic design. They work together with these professionals to produce first-rate designs like reports, leaflets and newsletters. They also assist in making Power Point presentations that is utilized in the company and for clients outside.
  • A Junior Graphic Designer regularly finishes the assignments that senior graphic designers don’t want to accept. They are responsible in on working on small projects with the like of designing page layouts for magazines, newspapers and journals. They also make promotional displays and marketing brochures. They regularly use the graphic design made by senior graphic designers for their project.
  • Junior Graphic Designers are the one who edits and corrects the assignments completed by the senior designers. They edit the layouts and make sure that the visual aspect of the design like its animation and color works together. They are also in charge for communicating with the copywriters about the text that is showed in the design.
  • A Junior Graphic Designer talks with their clients to follow up the projects that were started by senior designers and work out the adjustments that was suggested by their clients. They also work with other external salesman when senior designers have other task.

Work Condition of a Junior Graphic Designer

  • Junior Graphic Designers normally work in a design studio. They usually sit and work in front of the computer for long periods all day. Others who are self-employed can work in their home or share an office with other designers. A lot of graphic designers work freelance once they have gained experience.
  • They thirty seven to forty hours per week. Sometimes they would have to go overtime when they have deadlines to meet. It is also possible that they will cater part time works. They may also be asked to travel to meet with their clients.

Educational Requirements of a Junior Graphic Designer

To become a Junior Graphic Designer one must have a bachelor’s degree and this should be related to marketing, advertising, fine art and computer graphics. They learn all the other aspects of the job during training.

Occupation and Progress of a Junior Graphic Designer

These Junior Graphic Designers can move to a higher position. Those with a greater experience can have responsibilities on team management, then after some time they can be a creative director or be a studio manager. Most graphic designers move to other employers to move up in their career. They can concentrate in a specific area like magazine designs. But if they gain more training, they can handle related fields similar to animation and video graphics.

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