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Jeweler Job Description

A lot of people adore collecting different kinds of jewelries. One of the most reliable people to talk to about jewelries is the jeweler. Jewelers work in a broad field like other skilled workers. Most of the jewelers are self-employed and are private owners of a jewelry store or repair shop.

What is a jeweler?

Jewelers are the one who make, design, sell, and repair jewelry. They deal with different precious gemstones and metals like silver, gold, diamonds, and others. Jewelers mostly deal with necklaces, rings, earrings and any other ornaments. They are capable of working with fine jewelries especially those that are made of precious gems and metals. Jewelers may also work with costume jewelries that are typically made of less expensive materials like wood, shell, plastic and imitation gemstone.

Duties of a jeweler

  • Jewelers are also known as artists who design various kinds of jewelries. They make a design by drawing pictures to show customers how the jewelry will look like.
  • Jewelers can also submit a design to another craft person. The craft person will simply look at the submitted design and will be the one who makes the specified jewelry based on the design given by the jeweler.
  • Jewelry craft person can make expensive jewelries out of custom made pieces that usually require a huge handwork. They can also make jewelries out of assembly line methods that need hand finishing.
  • Jewelers also know how to use a wide variety of machine tools in making jewelry. Oftentimes, they use a special kind of magnifying glass to help them visualize small details especially when dealing with intricate pieces.
  • Jewelers have good artistic ability with great hand and eye coordination. They also know how to work manually with their bare hands. Having patience and particular attention to various detail are essential.

Condition of work

  • Jewelers work in a jewelry shop and repair shop. Most of them are self-employed owners according to Bureau of Labor and Statistics in the U.S.
  • Working conditions differ with the type of job employment they have. Jewelry retail stores are mostly clean, quiet and attractive. Jewelers that are involved in selling pieces must acquire good business sense and should be able to interact well with different personalities.
  • Repair shops, factories and studios are usually pleasant and well-lit. However, some areas may be very noisy because of the jewelry machine.

Educational Requirements

  • Most jewelry craft person or jewelers are high school graduates. Their training requirements differ with the type of employment they have. Some jewelers obtain an informal on-the-job training in a jewelry shop or a factory.
  • Most jewelers accomplish their skills in a technical school programs which usually last from 6 months to 2 years. Technical school training covers how to handle jewelers’ tools as well as stone setting.
  • Employers usually hire graduates from technical schools and gain 3 years of additional on the job training.

Occupation and Progress

  • Job Employments for jewelers is expected to decrease on the year 2014. However, there will be job openings to replace old workers who leave the particular field.
  • While there is a booming demand for jewelries, much from this is being made by jewelry machinery which adversely affects work availability from lower skilled jobs.

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