Customer Service Representative Job Description

by Publishing Team on August 20, 2010

Customer Service Representative is hired by all kinds of companies to address all customer concerns and field questions- projecting a professional image of the company at all times. Customer service representatives may work in a call center or as part of the front desk unit and communicate with clients and customers over the phone, email or personal correspondence.

Customer Service Representatives are the initial point of contact for prospective and existing customers who may have inquiries about a product or service that the business unit provides. They answer the most basic questions and promote customer retention by addressing customer concerns in a professional and pleasing manner.

The Customer Service Representative must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The Customer Service Representative is responsible for maintaining a profitable and patronizing relationship with customers, by answering their product and service questions and catering to their needs. The Customer Service Representative Specialist must make use customer retention techniques and make customers feel valued and listened to, to maintain their business and promote company goals and objectives.
  • The Customer Service Representative works as part of the Operations/ Service Unit, working directly as part of the Customer Relations, Sales or Business Development teams. They are responsible for existing client relationship management and new business development by providing customer service for existing and potential customers who have questions and concerns about a product or service.

Skills that Customer Service Representative should posses:

  • The Customer Service Representative should have excellent communications skills and the personality to maintain a respectful and professional behavior in situations which have irate and frustrated clients voicing concern for services or a product purchased. They should have the necessary skill to pacify a customer and provide them with the information that they seek, while maintaining a fostering relationship between client and business.
  • The Customer Service Representative should be skilled in data entry, use of CRM software to pull up customer information and telephony devices to properly entertain customer concerns and interact with third party or multi-facet calls.

Work Related Expectations:

  • A Customer Service Representative is expected to have a background in customer relations management, with training on soft skills and client retention relations.
  • The Customer Service Representative should be able to work in a fast and dynamic environment and function as a team member, aligning professional objectives with the team’s performance and operations goals.

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