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Crime Scene Investigator Job Description

Seen too much CSI movies have you? Those quick 60min episodes in which the CSI’s do a brilliant job in nailing that criminal, give you ideas on how easy their job is. CSI in real life isn’t that fast and glamorous as television portraits. CSI is serious cop work. You don’t solve problems that fast in the real world; it takes teams, teams from different kinds of specialties. So you still want to be a CSI? Want to know how? Here are the major details you need to know before applying to such position.

What’s a Crime Scene Investigator?

Crime Scene Investigators, live a line of rigorous work and tedious tasks. The job of a CSI is to supply detectives and uniform police to get the problem solved, as quickly as possible without sacrificing the accuracy of the investigation.

Duties of a Crime Scene Investigator

The main responsibility of a CSI is to be the first to touch or secure the crime scene. Your job is to find out whom; and why was the crime committed. If a crime has been committed such as a murder case, you need to find out who did it, what time was it done, and how was it done. In the real world CSI’s are the ones solving the crime and gives uniform cops the Go signal to go for a suspect. Your main job is not to disrupt the scene or that may bring you a harder chance to solve a case.

Work Condition of a Crime Scene Investigator

The working environment of a Crime Scene Investigator really depends on what you actually do, If you’re a laboratory technician, better expect to be in the laboratory the whole day and study crime scene evidences every day. If you’re a field investigator (which is more fun) you are assigned to be on the field, sweeping those evidences from the crime scene.

Educational Requirements of a Crime Scene Investigator

CSI’s have a vast array of specialties; you can either be one of these:

Crime Scene Technician
ID technician
Print Technician
Forensic Scientist
Crime Scene Supervisor

If you’re interested in one of the mentioned jobs, you may get a four year related course for this. A Science course that’s more related to this job would be much a par for this job, Biology, Chemistry or Crime Scene Investigation Science. To have the latter would be much easy for you since you know how CSI works and pretty much have the idea on how to do things.

Occupation and Progress of a Crime Scene Investigator

Crime Scene Investigators are respected people in their field. Being one of this elite team of investigators is not a bad job at all, and not to mention the daily crime rates that are going sky high nowadays, having an extra CSI in our ranks wouldn’t be that bad either.

Income and Benefits of a Crime Scene Investigator

CSI’s got a lot to live for, in terms of annual income, they garner as much as $38,000 to $100,000 depending on your line of specialty. Benefits really matter in which company you’re working for. Some companies need you to be a sworn police man, others not. So when it comes to benefits it really depends on who employs you. Being a Crime Scene Investigator pays well too, aside from this very interesting job, you won’t get bored by the job you do.

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