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School Crossing Guard Job Description

School Crossing Guards are responsible for ensuring the safety of school children when they go to and return from school.

They direct and control traffic, supervise children crossing the street as well as those waiting at school bus stops.

Nature of Work

School crossing guards monitor street crossings during the appointed time when children go to school or come home from school. In performing this duty, they record the license plate numbers of any vehicle found disregarding traffic signs and signals, stopping and warning drivers as necessary. They report violators to the police. School crossing guards escort children as they cross the street in marked crosswalks when necessary. They put traffic signs at established locations at the start of their duty and remove them as their duty ends. They make sure that children are always safe as they wait for the school bus at designated school bus stops. They protect children as they cross the street. They make sure that children exit from the school bus and disperse in an orderly manner. School crossing guards must report children with unsafe behavior to school officials for proper action. They also watch for suspicious individuals in and around school areas. They notify school authorities about traffic risks and hazards, including school zones that are not adequately marked and monitored. Using appropriate signs, lanterns, hand signals and flags, they direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and warn them of existing dangers. They also coordinate and discuss with school and police authorities regarding traffic control points and rerouting plans.


School crossing guards must be high school graduates or have GED. Candidates for this position must have in depth understanding not only of traffic signals but traffic patterns and behavior as well. They should meet all state or federal requirements, as well as successfully pass a background check. They should know basic safety procedures and practices relevant to their job as school crossing guards. They should be able to work outdoors in all weather conditions. They should know how to use good judgment as they interact with children.

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