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LPN Assisted Living Job Description

Nowadays, almost 6 percent of the most aged and incapacitated persons are placed in residential facilities that accommodate and administer a wide range of care. These places are considered to be the best refuge of debilitated people especially the older ones. This was even made more possible when the assisted living residences or assisted living facilities (ALF’s) emerged as an eldercare and nursing homes alternative. Given the fact that this kind of job requires a lot of patience, training, and knowledge, several assisted living residences are looking for a trained and highly educated licensed practical nurse (LPN) to do this kind of complex job.

What is an LPN Assisted Living?

An LPN Assisted Living care for patients who no longer live independently but do not need the 24-hour medical care provided by a nursing home and any other health service institutions. They are also the ones who supervise and assist the resident’s ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) and monitors it to ensure their health and well-being. This also includes the administration and supervision of medication, or personal care services provided by the LPN.

Duties of an LPN Assisted Living

  • They record the patient’s vital signs e.g. (blood pressure, temperature, weight etc.)
  • LPNs perform basic patient bedside care which includes preparing the patient for injections or enemas.
  • They ensure that their patients remain comfortable while physicians and other nursing staff receive the information needed to help treat the patient.
  • They are also responsible in observing medications and also in coordinating with other service providers like social workers and physicians, to ensure that necessary medical services are received by the patient.
  • They help educate patients and their relatives in proper healthcare procedures.
  • LPNs provide assistance to patients and/or training them with ADLs. ADLs include medication management, dietary management, personal hygiene and other skills necessary for independent living. They may also perform these tasks for patients if they are unable to do so.

Work Conditions of an LPN Assisted Living

An LPN’s job usually includes long periods of standing, walking, stooping, heavy lifting and bending so it may be appropriate for an LPN to be able to lift 50 lbs independently. Risks exposure to disease, infection, physical strain and assault are also expected. They are usually required to be on-site around the clock to provide other services needed by the patient. Sometimes household chores and even grocery services are also performed.

Educational Requirements of an LPN Assisted Living

An LPN must complete an approved training program typically offered by technical, vocational, junior or community colleges and occasionally through hospitals and high schools. LPN candidates usually need a high school diploma or GED to be accepted in the training program which usually takes a year to complete. A state-issued certification exam prior to becoming an LPN and a criminal history check are also required.

Occupation and Progress

The LVN/LPN training is considered as an avenue towards a more promising nursing career. After LPN training, you can proceed to become a registered nurse through a nursing program. RNs may require more training and have more responsibilities than LPNs but this job will surely bring you towards job security since you will earn substantially more with the average salary around $70,000 per year compared to the LPN’s salary.

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