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Accounting Clerk Job Description

Under managerial administration, the Accounting clerk performs diverse and progressively more conscientious accounting occupation connected to custody and evaluation of financial records and dispensation of white papers involving fiscal dealings; and carry out associated duties as necessary.

The Accounting Clerk must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The Accounting Clerk preserves and refreshes account of financial dealings by hand or on the workstation; places expenditure and reimbursements established to correct account or cost center; populates documentation and logs to produce minutes of such business as deposit, proceeds, and mileage; set up paper entries for endorsement by the accounting manager and discharges encumbrances for purchase requests.
  • The Accounting clerk is responsible for ensuring resources are accessible for disbursement; verify such documentation like requisition forms, sales invoices, and purchase instructions, and contacts dealers to exact errors. The clerk routes imbursement papers for authorization and dealing out by the company Auditor.

Skills that Accounting Clerk should posses:

  • A Bachelors degree in bookkeeping or Finance related majors is best with familiarity in, office management, accounting processes and billing.
  • One year of Accounting and secretarial operations is required to qualify for the position.
  • Outstanding business writing skills and flawless communication skills with excellent customer service skills.
  • This position is entry level and requires the necessary team player attitude to succeed in a dynamic work environment. It requires the ability to execute a assortment of financial record keeping responsibilities and to become abridged on requiring supervision with compliance of departmental measures. Directives or guiding principle are precise and employment may be reviewed during by the Accounting Manager. When the Accounting Clerk has been educated the progression, however, management may be more general and occasional. Limited self-governing administration is anticipated or essential at this level since serving purpose within a well-defined structure of departmental processes.

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