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Courtesy Clerk Job Description

Customers usually refer to Courtesy Clerks as “baggers”. Most courtesy clerks can be found in department stores and grocery stores. Their main duties include providing assistance to customers like putting the items they purchased into bags, or answering their questions.

Depending on the type and size of the store where they work, they may have other duties such as cleaning the store and returning items back into their display shelves.

Nature of Work

Courtesy Clerks are responsible for many functions inside the grocery or department store where they work. They can be found helping customers put the items they purchased into bags, which is the reason why they are referred to as “baggers.” However they can also take inventories, check prices, and clean the place. When placing purchased items into bags and in the cart, courtesy clerks must do it securely, knowing where to put each item so they will not be crushed under the weight of the items above them. They also help customers get hard-to-reach merchandise and carry their purchases to their vehicles. They are also responsible for collecting the carts scattered in the parking lot. If there are electric riding baskets, courtesy clerks bring them back to the store and plug them into electrical outlets for charging. Courtesy clerks are also in charge of stocking merchandise on the shelves as well as empty the shelves when necessary. They place items for sale in an upright position, facing forward and in good condition. If there are damaged and expired food items, they make sure they are removed. They also return items that have been exchanged or misplaced to the respective proper shelves. If asked by the supervisor or manager, they can also put price tags on the merchandise, move items on sale to areas designated by the supervisor. Courtesy clerks must comply with procedures for food safety as mandated by the government. They have the responsibility of cleaning their place of work while on duty up to their shift’s end. They clean spills from the restrooms and pick debris from the floors. When they see safety hazards, they report them to the managers. They have their own assigned areas which they them to vacuum, sweep and mop, and empty the trash bins. In some grocery or department stores, clerks are tasked to clean sidewalks and wash windows. They may also be asked by their supervisors to take charge of sanitizing all hand baskets and carts.


There are no formal education requirements for courtesy clerks although candidates must have excellent communication and customer skills. Employers also look for those with strong common sense and good work ethic. Courtesy clerks must also appear clean and well-groomed while on duty. They should be friendly, self-motivated and willing to be trained.

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