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In contemporary society, the rise of technological innovation has resulted to the need for online editors. If you’re still unfamiliar about the duties of an online editor, read on for the job description of an online editor below.

What is an online editor?

An online editor is otherwise known as a web editor. Online editors are persons who develop the content or an editorial plan of a certain web site. Online editors mostly work with its team which may include a writer, creative director, and web designer, graphic designer and information architect.

Duties of an online editor

  • Online editors are responsible in managing the LANGUAGE and English versions of their embassy website in order to develop a high standard and good quality website content. They deliver and design various web campaigns in order to achieve the embassy’s goals and objectives with the use of an interactive web spaces.
  • Online editors also evaluate the work of the web whether it is successful or not, set some indicators with key performances, monitor visitor statistics, website feedback as well as participation. They develop great working interaction with their colleagues at different levels across their embassy who are responsible in providing website content with HUB and external partners who keeps a centralized website content system management and templates.
  • They take images and may also record videos of certain events that are needed for the website like YouTube and Flicker channels.
  • Online editors are responsible in contributing strategies for successful delivery with the embassy -wide diplomacy public projects and advise their colleagues on the advantage and use of communications online. They also manage some assistant web editors and make sure that their web editors back-up are well-trained.

Conditions of work

Online editors are employed at any offices or even at the convenient with their own homes. They work in well-lighted and well-ventilated areas with great working environment wherein they can focus on their job.

Educational Requirements

In order to become an online editor, aspiring candidate should possess excellent skills in editorial with fluency in English LANGUAGE both in written and verbal. Candidates should also have prior work experience on managing web content and carrying-out communications work in a fast-paced and busy environment. A good ability in motivating others to work as a team is also an added point.

Occupation and Progress

According to Bureau of Labor and Statistics, web editor’s job prospect is expected to grow due to the rise in technological innovation. Online editors with intense conceptual skills can ladder-up to advance positions such as senior or associate creative director.

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