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Health Care Administrator Job Description

Health is one of the most vital issues one has to deal with. A lot are investing in health insurance and going to health institutions where they think would be a great help to maintain and improve their health. Nowadays, the structure of health care is rapidly changing. It is the job of a Health Care Administrator to adapt to these changes and maintain the quality of care given to clients.

Take a closer look at the job description of this career.

What is a Health Care Administrator?

A Health Care Administrator is responsible for overseeing the overall operations of a healthcare facility such as clinics and hospitals. They must make sure that the operations are running as it was planned.

Duties of a Health Care Administrator

  • Health Care Administrators are accountable for looking over the compliance of the regulations that are set by the company and policy directions. They are the one who examine the needs of the facility, machines and make proposals.
  • A Health Care Administrator can act both as managers and specialist. They are the one who directs services in a health institution. As managers, they are responsible for conducting trainings and implementing procedures in the different departments of a facility.
  • Health Care Administrator is the one who establishes the policies and objectives of the institution. They evaluate the performance of their personnel. They make reports and oversees the budget and work together with other managers.
  • A Health Care Administrator is also responsible for maintaining and protecting all the records of the patients. They make sure that the quality of care that is given to clients is improving and the health care facilities are efficient.

Work Condition of a Health Care Administrator

  • Health Care Administrators usually works in various medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, outpatient departments and nursing homes. They can be found working comfortably in a private office or share a room with other staff.
  • Hospitals and other facilities usually operate around the clock. The Health Care Administrators are expected to be available if ever problems come up anytime. They may be required to travel at times to attend meetings and seminars.

Educational Requirements of a Health Care Administrator

  • One should hold a bachelor’s degree in health services administration if they are applying in a small institution. But if you are aiming for a high paying job and top level position, one must acquire a master’s degree in health, public or business administration.

Occupation and Progress of a Health Care Administrator

  • Many of these Health Care Administrator advance by progressing into a position where there is a higher pay and greater responsibility. Those who have enough experience may become consultants or they can work in an educational institution where they become professors who are teaching health administration. They can also work in insurance companies as underwriters and get a job in a social welfare facility.

In the upcoming years it is expected that there will be an increase in demand for this Health Care Administrator. For those who have gained more experience in the business will have an advantage to those who haven’t.

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