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Semiconductor Technicians Job Description

The function of Semiconductor Technicians is to manufacture semiconductors as a production worker.

Primary Objectives

The Semiconductor Technician main job is to manufacture semiconductors.

  • The Semiconductor Technicians have a very complex and difficult job, maybe referred to as integrated circuit technician.
  • The Semiconductor Technicians also known as production workers create the semiconductor wafers and disks which are cut into several sizes of chips.
  • The Semiconductor Technician usually gets on the job with a high school diploma. With community college or technical school or two year training for specialized programs with semiconductors maybe required by some employers.

Semiconductor Technician processor also referred to as a circuit technician has a complex process and difficult job when processing computer chips. Items that produced are sometimes referred to as computer chips, microchips, and integrated circuits that are tiny electronic systems are also referred to as semiconductors. The most common place these semiconductors are found can be in cell phones, video games, computers, other appliances, and products. They have to manufacture sizes of semiconductor wafers or disks and manufacture them into a computer chip. One semiconductor wafer can be cut into several individual chips to complete a circuitry.

The Semiconductor Technician knows to conduct electricity the microscopic wafers must have the patterns etch out with acids and filled in with metals. Then the Semiconductor Technician will give the wafer another chemical bath, and apply another layer of microscopic circuitry. The Semiconductor Technician most uses a range up to twenty layers of circuitry to complete the process for the correct operation of the semiconductor. Without this procedure the chips can be damaged by airborne matter and must be produced in “cleanrooms”.

The Semiconductor Technician processors must wear special lightweight garments over their clothing to eliminate any contamination of particles or lint in the “cleanroom”. With the knowledge and training the Semiconductor Technician knows the issues of not having a cleanroom with the proper clothing and protection that theSemiconductor Technician needs to wear before entering the cleanroom. The experience that thisSemiconductor Technician has would be an extreme asset for your business.

Several companies or corporations may offer additional training or apprenticeships available for the people who want to learn and advance with their field of being aSemiconductor Technician. When applying for this position with a company, you will want to make an enquiry about any training or apprenticeships to further your education. Most Semiconductor Technician has studied several types of electronic and math classes. With this education background it can give you an edge to secure your position with a company and the ability to grow with them as a Semiconductor Technician.

The Semiconductor Technician knows the types of products that you might able to find these tiny electronic systems. Such products that contain micro chips, known as semiconductors will be found in computers, laptops, Televisions, cell phones, video games, and anything with an electronic components. These semiconductors are produced on minute slices of silicon, and sliced into varied sizes are manufactured. The Semiconductor Technician that has advanced with additional training can have the opportunity to work with engineers in creating and improving the function of integrated circuits.

Semiconductor Technician knows the danger of not having the cleanroom from contamination of airborne matter. Thus this is the importance of the lightweight garment to fit over clothing and not allowing particles and lint from the semiconductor work areas. The Semiconductor Technician accepts the challenge of difficult and complexity of the job of manufacturing the semiconductors referred to also integrated circuits. Such products are well known and used by the general public in their electronic circuitry.

Since the public has expanded into the New Age of Technology the request for improved and more advanced semiconductors continues to grow. The Semiconductor Technician has the opportunity to advance with training and working with more experienced Semiconductor Technicians and Engineers. The Semiconductor Technician can specialize in the larger engineering and manufacturing of these semiconductors. When you are completing your training class from a technical school, or community college you should check with the placement office for job opening. Another possibility could be researched in job banks online and referrals from instructors for the position of a Semiconductor Technician.

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