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Biochemical Engineer Job Description

They can usually be found in industries such as pharmaceuticals, waste treatment, environment and food. Some of them become project managers or experts in certain techniques or procedures. They may work in industrial plants or research laboratories.

Nature of Work

The work Biochemical Engineers do generally depends on the industry where they are found. Typically, they are responsible for the design and management of processing plants, as in pharmaceutical and chemical plants. They work on their quality control system, designing and developing measuring instruments for temperature, flow rate and pressure. In industrial plants, they can be involved in research and development, sewage treatment, or food stuff production and preservation. They are in charge of troubleshooting problems arising out of the biological and chemical reactions in the production process. They are responsible for designing, constructing and managing the safety and environmental impact of production, designing and operating the plant’s environment and quality control systems. They make sure that plant operations are safe and environmentally acceptable. Generally, they work with both biologists and chemists to develop, design and implement new products, applying biochemical principles. Biochemical engineers supervise other engineers, technicians and technologists that act as support personnel. They are responsible for advising management about the chemical and biological process involved in a project, as well as in determining the best cost-effective commercial production method. In this regard, they design, develop and implement innovative biological processes and instruments to convert raw materials into viable products.


Candidates for biochemical engineer jobs must have bachelor’s degree in biological or chemical engineering. They must be registered as a professional engineer. This job requires a high level of problem-solving and analytical skills. Applicants must have excellent communications skills and must be able to work in a team.

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