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Physical Plant Manager Job Description

A Physical Plant Manager has the responsibility to plan, organize, coordinate, direct and control all the functions within the plant.

This position is responsible for the budget, supervision of personnel, and house keeping in the physical plant, including the inspection, planning and performing repairs and remodeling if needed, of the equipment, facilities and grounds of the plant.

Nature of Work

Physical Plant Managers are in charge of all activities involved in maintaining and repairing the building, systems and equipment of the plant. They are responsible for identifying and correcting defects in structures, and implementing measures to correct them. They develop and implement the plant’s preventive maintenance program, and the policies and procedures for maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment. Physical plant managers supervise and evaluate the performance of contractors. They identify and prioritize tasks and activities involved in the day to day operations of the plant. They develop the budget for repair and maintenance and present it to top management. They also supervise skilled and semi-skilled workers. Physical plant managers are responsible for evaluating the need for training programs to upgrade workers skills, arranging training schedules or conducting training themselves. They work with the staff of other divisions to help identify and resolve plant operations issues and problems.


Candidates for the position of Physical Plant Manager must possess an engineering or industrial management bachelor’s degree or an engineering technology associate degree and experience in construction supervision and planning, plant operations and maintenance. They should be able to lead and motivate all plant personnel to strive for work excellence. They should be able to handle planning, organizing and multi-task as required during plant operations. They should also have in-depth knowledge of all aspects of plant operations including construction, electrical, plumbing, mechanical diagnosis and repair techniques. They should know how to handle, use and dispose of hazardous chemicals.

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