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Hair Stylist Job Description

Our hair is our crowning glory and taking good care of it has become a fashion for some. As the business of putting up a hair salon has boomed, so as the need of hair stylists arise in demand. The usual tasks of hair stylists are shampooing, cutting, styling, coloring of hair, and shaving of beards and mustaches. Apart from that, they also provide facial massages and treatments of hair and scalp. Also, some of the hair stylists may recommend and sell different grooming products like shampoo, hair brushes, and styling gels.

Most of the hair stylists are employed at beauty and hair salons. Some are working in hotels, resorts, department stores, spas, or government agencies. However, half of hair stylists are self-employed by having their own salons.

Among the tools that hair stylists use in doing their make – over are clippers, razors, scissors, and combs. Also, in addition to help beautify their customers; stylists use gels, powders, and lotions according to the preference of the customers. Hair stylists should always keep their work place clean at all times and they should maintain the sterility and proper functioning of their tools.

Educational Requirements

Aspirant hair stylists usually undergo training in a vocational school or a barber college. It may take six to twelve months for a full – time course to complete. Hair stylists and barbers are required by all states to be licensed. The requirements needed in acquiring a license vary from state to state but there are general qualifications such as he or she must be sixteen years of age, in good health, and a graduate from an approved barber college. Usually, potential hair stylists should take an apprentice license after graduation. After which, they must serve a year or two as an apprentice for experience purposes.

Working Environment

Beauty and hair salons are usually neat, attractive, and should also be well – lighted to yield a cozy ambience. Most of these salons are small but there are also big shops in some cities, downtowns, and outskirts. Almost all of the stylists are working 40 hours every week which also includes weekends while others are working on a part – time basis. Being a hair stylist would require you to stand in long hours on your feet and you must still be able to work well with your hands, have a lot of patience, and also good humor to break dull moments.

Salary and Benefits

The process in which hair stylists receive their salaries is by way of commission basis in which they would get a percentage of the fee charged for every customer. Some are also receiving tips directly from the customers. The income of hair stylists depend on many factors such as location of the shop, skills and experience of the stylist, and the tipping habits of the customers. The U.S. Bureau of labor Statistics said that the average yearly salary of hair stylists is roughly around $20,000. The benefits they get vary from where they are employed which may include paid leaves and health insurance.

For a hair stylist, it is very rewarding to see that his or her customer is properly groomed after each session. If you are interested with this career, surely you have read every detail above. Thus, by now you know how to make it happen.

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