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Archivist Job Description

A lot of people know what a librarian is, a handful knows what archives are, and only a number of people know exactly what archivist’s are. Throughout the years, Archivist’s has been branded by many professions. Some call them, intellects, specialists, and historians and sometime in the past they were even called spies. Interesting work an Archivist has right? Want to learn more? Read more about an Archivist below.

What’s an Archivist?

So what exactly is an Archivist? Archivists are divided into many types. The government needs Archivists to maintain and to make sure public documents such as marriage contracts, death certificates and birth certificates are well maintained and at a very good condition for public access. Schools have Archivists too, main role for this Archivists keep records of students enrolled in the school since the school first began. They also keep records of Alumni and employment records of the school’s faculty. Huge organizations even have Archivists. Examples of these are government charities, large corporations and even historical societies keep Archivists. Wealthy families, especially families which have a long history often use the services of an Archivist.

Duties of an Archivist

Being an Archivist, your main job is to manage your archives and keep them in pristine condition at all times. You will be in-charged with the maintenance of important documents a government or an organization needs to be kept. You need to make sure that these documents are readable and at the most good condition. The greatest part of becoming an Archivist is having the role of protecting information from past and present to be viewed in the future. Without past Archivist, we wouldn’t know about the past now, we won’t have a constitution to follow or decent education passed through the generations if Archivists don’t exist, Quite a huge role in terms of history right?

Work Condition of an Archivist

Archivist can choose where he or she can work, if an Archivist works for the national archives he can sit next to the archives he’s assigned to maintain. Job requires you to arrange archives, May it be historical documents, public documents or even historical videos, arrange this so that it can be easily accessed by the public. On the other hand, an Archivist for a college can either have the same way of work, being an Archivist for a family would be quite different though. Either you will keep the families records or you can have your own office in the family’s archives.

Educational Requirements of an Archivist

Interested? Here are the requirements on how to be an Archivist. Archivists usually have a minimum requirement of being one; you need to have a master’s degree or a Ph.D. It really depends on what university or college you got your degree from. But common archivists can have a degree in archival science, history or even library science. The nature of these degrees focuses more on research, organization and filing information, what an Archivist really needs.

Occupation and Progress of an Archivist

Being an Archivist gives you a strong sense of History in which field you are assigned to work on, may you be assigned to work in the National Archives or as a personal Archivist for a prominent Family. If you choose this kind of profession, consider yourself as the keeper of records, the protector of the past. Make sure you do your job well, and make sure future generations will have the glimpse of their past with your astounding work.

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