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Social Media Manager Job Description

In today’s modern society, online market has become one of the most eminent and convenient ways to avail products and services. With this, online marketing managers play a vital role in making web marketing profitable and running smoothly.

What is an social media manager?

Social media managers are persons who are responsible for brand generation and product awareness with the use of an internet. As company and product research transform towards online, marketing managers become very vital to the company’s success.

Duties of an social media managers

  • The social media manager is responsible in creating comprehensive strategies with the use of an online media. Online managers created and optimize various website contents in order to make sure that engine visibility as well as favorable experience for users is met.
  • The social media manager is responsible for creating and distributing regular e-newsletter. They should also collect email addresses using a wide variety of means. These lists are use in email blasts of their e-newsletter.
  • A social media manager must plan and implement different social media forms so as to help promote recognition of brands and promotions and in order to attract traffic to their company website or their micro sites. Managers assign some marketing staffs in order to supervise their platforms for social media and develop regular updates on their followers, fans and site visitors.
  • social media managers should also monitor and track website traffic and develop and optimize various campaigns based on their best-performing strategies.

Conditions of work

Online marketing managers as the name implies, work via the internet. Their work in a well-lit and well ventilated environment and are required to have a fast internet lines. Online marketing managers should have good communication skills in both written and verbal. They must also be comfortable with entire Microsoft Office programs as well as Internet applications such as Google Ad words. Their roles can take place either outsourced or in house.

Educational Requirements

In order to become an online internet manager, candidates are required to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business administration with marketing programs and should have a prior work experience regarding internet marketing. A sound knowledge in content manager, internet analytics manager and digital marketing manager is also essential.

Occupation and Progress

Job prospects for online marketing managers are projected to grow by 13% on 2008 until 2018, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Online marketing managers are the most important employees in internet marketing. However, their salary may vary depending on the financial stability of the company.

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