LPN CT Job Description

A nurse holds a wide range of responsibility. They are the one who deals and comes in contact with the patient compared to the doctors. There may be different categories of a nurse and one of this is an LPN CT or a Licensed Practical Nurse. Aside from the other nurses they play a great role in the care of the clients.

If you want to have a job in the health care industry, you may want to try this one. Read the article to know more.

What is an LPN CT?

An LPN CT or a Licensed Practical Nurse is a health care professional who gives the basic patient care and works under the management of physicians and registered nurses. The duties designated to them may increase as they become skillful.

Duties of an LPN CT

  • An LPN CT is given the assignment of monitoring the vital signs of a patient. By doing and recording the accurately may help the doctors and nurses assess the condition of the patient. They also prepare clients who will undergo routine test by informing them and transporting them to the department where the test will be executed.
  • Monitoring the medication, dosages and making sure that they take all their medications on time is another duty of an LPN CT. They are also tasked to deal with simple wound and injuries to help doctors cater to a number of patients. Aside from this they are also allowed to clean wounds, give simple injections, apply bandages and change dressings.
  • They also monitor patients who are on IV drip; they check the level from time to time and may change them as needed. LPN CT can also change naso-gastric tubes, oxygen supplies, fluid bags and catheters. Maintaining the patient’s hygiene moreover is part of their duty where they bathe, change the linens and dress the patient.
  • LPN who is trained would have to accompany the physician during rounds and understand detailed instruction and carry them out after. In addition they would have to feed clients who are not capable to feed themselves; they should also make sure that they have efficient supply of water.

Work Condition of an LPN CT

An LPN usually works in healthcare institutions. They may have to work during night, weekends and even holiday just to give the care that patients need. They may spend most of their time during their shift standing and walking. They must follow standard safety procedures especially when they are dealing with infectious patient.

Educational Requirements of an LPN CT

To be an LPN CT one must obtain an associate degree in a community college or vocational institution. To be able to practice in a medical facility, they have to take a licensure exam to be able to practice their profession legally.

Occupation and Progress of an LPN CT

To advance to a higher position an LPN CT may need to acquire further education and training. They can be registered nurses if they take BSN degrees. It is expected to have higher demands for nurses in the coming years. If you have the compassion and sympathy to people this can be a great help when you are in this profession. There are great opportunities for those who have experience and advanced trainings.

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