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Development Assistant Job Description

Development assistants are capable and knowledgeable in office administration. They are capable of giving management and administrative support. If you are interested with development assistant job opportunity, and if you think you can handle the stress this job has in stored, then this article is best for you to read.

What is a development assistant?

From the word itself, they are more concerned with operating tasks that is efficient towards customer service, management, administrative and clerical department. They are the one’s who develop and maintain office setting in order for the administrative to function its daily activities, maintaining calendars, coordinating meetings, creating spreadsheets and etc.

Duties and Tasks of a Development Assistant

  • Acts as a spokesperson on services and promotion of the company.
  • Responsible for scheduling meetings.
  • They also assist in recruitment.
  • Keeps and maintain confidentiality on donors and reports.
  • Responsible in monitoring the systems programs and assists in evaluation.
  • Keeps track on department records.
  • A development assistant answers calls, reports and attend inquiries regarding to work.

Educational Requirements of a Development Assistant

A minimum requirement required for a development assistant is a bachelor’s degree for some offices or companies. Some companies only require a high school diploma with an experience of business administration and public relations. It is also a requirement to be able to proficiently speak and write instructions. They must also be flexible with their working hours since there may be an evening working hours or may work at weekends.

Physical Requirements of a Development Assistant

A development assistant must be able to lift at least 25 pounds. This is important because development assistants may work with lots of paper works. Their jobs may be toxic because they are faced with different administrative problems. A development assistants must also be able to work fast and efficient with minimal supervision. Can meet and work under pressure.

Working condition of a Development Assistant

Development assistants spend most of their working hours at the office. They may comfortable be settled in an office provided with telephone, fax machine, meetings and computers. They may also be requested to go an out field.

Remuneration of a Development Assistant

A development assistant earns at least 35 000 to 54 000 USD plus bonuses and other benefits like other office or clerical jobs.

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