Hydraulic Mechanic Job Description

Do you want to be a hydraulic mechanic and need a compelling job description? A Hydraulic mechanic performs skilled tasks in the field of mechanical repair and maintenance of heavy trucks and related construction equipment, gasoline and diesel powered tractors. Here is a more precise job description for you to follow.

What is a Hydraulic Mechanic?

A hydraulic mechanic is someone who has responsibilities to upkeep and maintenance of heavy hydraulic equipments, primarily responsible for heavy equipment repairs and adjusts diesel power units. Hydraulic mechanic is expected to perform incidental welding operations as well.

Duties of a Hydraulic Mechanic

  • Hydraulic mechanic must have abilities to diagnose defects on heavy duty equipments
  • The general duties of hydraulic mechanic is to follow instructions given to him by the shop foreman
  • Repairs gasoline and diesel powered tractors
  • Undergo training with innovations in heavy equipment operations, repairs and maintenance
  • Inspects diesel powered units, hydraulic systems and injection valves and systems
  • Inspects hydraulic and cable operated attachments on tractors
  • Upgrading of tractors and other vehicles
  • Communicates any unsafe conditions or accidents in a timely manner
  • Improve operations, streamline work processes, work cooperatively to provide seamless costumer services
  • Diagnose defects in heavy equipments
  • Write good report information

Work Condition of a Hydraulic Mechanic

A Hydraulic mechanic has a working condition that is normal for manufacturing environment; work involves lifting materials and machinery tools. He operates heavy equipments and requires the use of safety equipment such as safety glasses, hearing protectors, work boots and hard hats. Overtime work maybe needed depending on the client and the task given by the shop owner.

A lot of hydraulic maintenance if performed with heavy and unique tools, hydraulic mechanic operates hydraulic systems at pressures of 3.000 pounds per square inch. The job can be dangerous so wearing safety equipment is a must.

Educational Requirements of a Hydraulic Mechanic

Educational requirements:

  • High school graduate
  • Training certificate
  • College Diploma
  • Certificate of Completion in Diesel Mechanics
  • Truck Mechanics Chassis Systems course
  • Diesel Engines course


  • Extensive hydraulic and technical experience in open and closed hydraulic systems
  • Experience with hydraulic motors, valve and cylinder rebuilding
  • Welding knowledge
  • Skills in using heavy and power tools
  • Entry-level employment as a Mechanic/Technician.

Other requirements:

  • Must pass drug test
  • Costumer relations skills
  • Competent mechanical skills
  • Ability to read hydraulic schematics

Occupation and Progress of a Hydraulic Mechanic

Throughout basic hydraulics training and courses, you have the opportunity to cross train maintenance and practical applications of fluid powered hydraulic systems and vehicles. You will gain knowledge in hydraulic system components such as pumps, valves, fluid conductors, reservoirs and actuators.

Concepts that you will undergo through training and course for hydraulic mechanic:

  • Constructing circuits
  • Circuit analysis
  • Hydraulic symbols and fittings
  • Using basic Pascal’s Law concepts

You have the opportunity to take advanced level hydraulic mechanic; it is beneficial to mechanics as well and has better chance to apply abroad as hydraulic mechanic.

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