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Grocery Stocker Job Description

Like any other potential job position knowing more about the duties of a grocery stocker is important for anyone who is interested in the job. What are the expected responsibilities and what are the needed requirements to attain the grocery stocker position? On this article you will know more about a grocery stocker’s responsibilities and the required skills and educational back ground.

What is a Grocery Stocker?

Stockers are often found working in variety of settings and most commonly they are found in large grocery stores either during the day or night when the store is closed. Grocery stockers are responsible for filling stocks into the shelves of grocery stores. Mostly grocery stockers don’t have much interactions with costumers, but occasionally grocery stockers may be found while putting stock on the shelves and costumers will ask where to find a certain product.

Duties of a Grocery Stocker

The main duties of a grocery stocker is to keep the grocery store shelves neat, organized, labeled and well stocked with products. They are responsible for setting up displays and taking down old products to replace new stocks on the shelves of grocery stores. They also have to keep the aisles or entrance clean and organized for the costumers to easily find what they are looking for.

The most important duties of grocery stockers are to be updated on the products expiration dates so the older products can be replaced with new ones. Some grocery stockers might have extra responsibility of cleaning duties such as mopping and sweeping the floor or getting carts from parking lots and putting them back in the grocery stores. This is all depends on the store and their policies.

Here is a list of duties and responsibilities:

  • Stacking the goods in organized manner
  • Sorting the grocery products and assigning them with relevant labels and price tags
  • Keeping tract of the products life or expiration dates
  • Maintaining inventory counts
  • Keeping record of the grocery inventory
  • Keeping track of the products in the stock room
  • Maintaining order and cleanliness in the work areas of the store
  • Coordinating with sales team and other departments
  • Reporting damage in the grocery products and reporting it to the grocery supervisor
  • Storing perishable goods

Work Condition of a Grocery Stocker

There are different shifts to choose from this is to make sure that the store will have stocks all the time and the stores have enough stocks before the stores opens in the morning. If the grocery store is open 24 hours then the late night and early morning I the most convenient time for grocery stockers to work quickly.

Some grocery stockers work at day shift some work at night shifts. Some have graveyard shifts, it depends on each individual when the best time for them to work and can ask for shift exchange with the permission of the supervisor.

Educational Requirements of a Grocery Stocker

There is a little educational requirement to be a grocery stocker, most grocery stores only require a high school diploma and there are some basic job training required to complete to get accustomed to each grocery stores.

  • To be a grocery stocker you must at least be 18 years old and have high school diploma or equivalent.
  • GED equivalent qualifications
  • 2 to 3 years experience in warehouse or retail store
  • If newly recruited there are training period that is offered on grocery markets

Occupation and Progress of a Grocery Stocker

You have the opportunity to grow your profession and can be promoted to a higher stage such as stock manager.

The progress can be:

  • Team leader/mentor
  • Stock manager
  • Inventory manager (need college degree)

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