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Software Architect Job Description

A software architect is someone who decides on the design of certain software. He decides on the coding, platforms and other technical processes.

He is in charge of meeting the client’s needs so he communicates with the client every now and then. After asking the design that the client wants, he relays the information to the software developers and design team.

Specific Duties of a Software Architect

The software architect is considered as the over-all head of the activities pertaining to software development. He oversees the design and development team and makes sure that the client’s demands are met. He may also be obliged to spearhead trainings with regards to the processes in software development. He monitors the research, supervises all the testing and reviews the different codes. He also makes sure that all the practices involved in the software development complies with the best practices of his employer, as well as the company’s policies and standard procedures.

Qualifications and Skills

A candidate to this position should be a graduate of major in computer science, information system or any related field of study. He should have good multitasking skills and excellent written and verbal skills. He should be able to express himself very well and is able to work efficiently with other people. He should be able to explain complex computer concepts in a simpler way for non-computer science employees and majors to understand.

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