Job Colocator Job Description

A job colocator is basically the one who oversees the maintenance of the data storage equipments and servers in the data center.

He makes sure that the equipments are in good condition and the demands of the clients are met. He also conducts troubleshooting processes and other tasks in order to keep the server running and avoid downtime.

Specific Duties of a Job Colocator

A job colocator works in a data center and is responsible of the maintenance of the hard drives, servers and other data storage equipments. If the data center does not have remote hands support, the colocator will be the one who is in charge of the maintenance. He is responsible for screen reads and server reboots. He makes sure that the server does not go down and makes troubleshooting processes if it does. He makes sure that the temperature in the collocation center is constant in order to avoid the overheating of equipments. In addition to these, they also talk to the clients in case problems arise and make ways in order to fix those problems.

Qualifications and Skills

A candidate in this kind of position should possess knowledge in web hosting, data storage, and other computer related subjects. He must be a graduate of computer science or has taken extra courses with regards to data storage, web hosting, servers and a lot more. He should be intuitive and must know how to multitask. He should also be available almost all the time in case the center needs immediate maintenance. He should know how to manage his time wisely and is able to work well with other people, most especially the clients.

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