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Gym Instructor Job Description

Many people today have lost discipline on their diet and exercise. What they need is someone who can help them not just slim down, but also boost their self-confidence. Because of the increasing demand of these people, you may want to consider being a gym instructor.

Sounds strong to you? Then let’s discuss more about this job.

What is a Gym Instructor?

A gym instructor is a person who helps people to be more physically fit by disciplining them with their diet and exercise.

Duties of a Gym Instructor

  • A gym instructor is responsible for the outcome of his client at the end of the whole training. Therefore, it is their job to provide correct data for the food intakes of a client.
  • A gym instructor is also in charge in improving a client’s shape to be physically fit. Therefore, an exercise plan that includes the types of exercises and their schedule is prepared by a gym instructor.
  • When clients use equipments in the gym, a gym instructor should assist the clients to ensure their safety.
  • A gym instructor’s work is not only limited to one client at a time. He or she can also lead group exercises, assuring that everyone in the group is fit for the group exercise.
  • Gym instructors also maintain the cleanliness of the gym and the equipments. They also make sure that the equipments are safe to use.

Work Condition of a Gym Instructor

  • Gym instructors work inside the gym and they work about eight hours a day. They roam from one place to another to supervise different customers. Some gym instructors are requested personally by a client and some clients request to be trained at home.
  • The work area of a gym instructor promotes healthy lifestyle and thus, they also train themselves to maintain their physically fit bodies.

Educational Requirements of a Gym Instructor

  • In order to be a gym instructor, one should be a graduate of Physical Education or a licensed Physical Therapist.
  • Some gyms require candidates to have a certificate in Gym Instructing.
  • Although there’s not so much that employers require, they prefer candidates who have experiences in gym instructing.

Occupation and Progress of a Gym Instructor

  • Although some gym instructors work for gyms and some render in-house instructing, many gym instructors consider having their own gyms because they believe that this way, they will develop and progress faster. But if one wants to really progress in this job, he or she should train and discipline his or herself first before proceeding to others. This could build a much greater practice in gym instructing.

In order to be successful in this job, you need to be disciplined, hardworking and passionate on what you do so you won’t have difficulties later on. Because of the increasing number of physically-conscious people, gym instructors would be in demand for the next years. So start your healthy lifestyle and take on the journey to success by choosing this amazing career.

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