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Clinical Psychologist Job Description

There are moments when one encounters a situation or some conditions when the consoling hugs and conversation with family and friends don’t seem to be enough to solve your problem. Who are you going to talk to then? This is when a Clinical Psychologist lends his ear to listen to your problems.

When you want to have a career in which you can make an immense difference in the life of your client then being a Clinical Psychologist is the right occupation for you.

What is a Clinical Psychologist?

A Clinical Psychologist aspires to lessen the misery and improve the psychological health of patients. They make use of the psychological process and research to create a positive change to the lives of their patient and will present various types of treatment.

Duties of a Clinical Psychologist

  • A Clinical Psychologist is responsible for the diagnosis and evaluation of the mental and emotional disorders of an individual. They work together with doctors, nurses, social workers and psychiatrist.
  • A Clinical Psychologist also devises and monitors appropriate programs of treatment which includes therapy and counseling in cooperation with other colleagues. They also offer therapy and treatments for those having difficulties that are related to mental health problems like depression, anxiety, social or interpersonal problems and challenging behavior.
  • A Clinical Psychologist also develops and evaluates service provisions that are offered to clients. They provide session to other professions to encourage a psychological approach in their work.
  • A Clinical Psychologist provides counseling and supportive care to clients; carrying out applied research that adds up to the evidence base of practice in a range of health care setting.

Work Condition of a Clinical Psychologist

  • A Clinical Psychologist’s hours of work commonly goes beyond sixty hours a week if they are in a busy practice. They have slightly higher than average risk of dealing with violent or aggressive clients. During emergency they can be on call in irregular hours.
  • Clinical Psychologist normally work in clinics, community or counseling centers, hospitals, medical schools, colleges, private practice facilities, rehab centers and other related facilities.

Educational Requirements of a Clinical Psychologist

  • When one wants to have an independent practice they usually acquire a doctoral degree. This would require five to seven years of graduate studies that is culminated through dissertation that is based on original research. Another requirement for the doctoral degree is to have at least one year internship.

Occupation and Progress of a Clinical Psychologist

  • The outlook for Clinical Psychologists is anticipated to be very good. The development towards group practices will present opportunities for additional psychologists to hold positions of leadership. This would still remain as one of the best paying careers in the healthcare industry.

Through reading the job description of a Clinical Psychologist, you must have realized that this profession entails serious dedication and a heart that is eager to listen and help without being affected by what is being talked about. Emotional attachment to patient is discouraged. If this is your call, then pursue it with all enthusiasm. It would be fulfilling as an individual who achieved what he had set his heart on.

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