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Nuclear Engineer Job Description

The promise of endless and a renewable energy available from the nuclear energy have already become a big society and have to get balanced from the very real hazards from the nuclear mishaps and atomic weapons. Because of the nuclear engineers, many nuclear power plants are built so with the unemployment rate also decreases. The nuclear engineers are experts in using nuclear energy. This profession is very popular due to the progress of technology especially when it calls for nuclear industries. Nuclear engineers are using their knowledge in nuclear energy to be able to decipher engineering problems. They’re usually trained to use their specialized knowledge in design, research, construction, and development. They’ve got the ability to supervise technicians who use radiation technology in the manufacturing of numerous products.

What is a Nuclear Engineer?

A nuclear engineer is a person that has knowledge of the different processes that can yield nuclear energy and also to comprehend the radiation properties and radioactive atoms that are generated in nuclear reactions. They usually work in construction site of a new nuclear power plant. This person may also supervise the loading of fuel into a nuclear reactor and the hazardous steps leading to the generation of nuclear energy.

Duties of a Nuclear Engineer

  • A nuclear engineer is responsible of designing solutions and the materials involved in nuclear energy-related systems and technology. They are also assigned in making research on how nuclear materials behave.
  • They also use their skills in science and mathematics in order to come up solutions to the problems or discover new products or methods to have an advantage of these radioactive materials.
  • They can also design containment devices for the nuclear waste and work on developing methods for refinement of radioactive elements from raw materials. A nuclear engineer may also design instruments, nuclear power materials, tools, nuclear weapon components and medical services.
  • A nuclear engineer is also responsible in conducting research into problems of nuclear energy systems such as designing and developing nuclear equipments and also to monitor the testing, maintenance of the nuclear reactor and operations. They also conduct nuclear research in order to discover different facts or to test, prove, or modify known nuclear theories.
  • Evaluating findings to develop new concepts of thermonuclear analysis and new uses of radioactive processes is also done by a nuclear engineer.

Work Conditions of a Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineers are usually working in nuclear power plants. Most of them are working in well-lighted offices. Nuclear engineers may also have to work overtime to meet the deadlines or handle unforeseen problems. Traveling from assignment to assignment is also required. They need to follow special safety precautions that keep worksites and workers safe from any kinds of harmful radiation such as radiation poisoning. They are also provided heavy barriers that will seal off the radiation that is produced by nuclear devices and reactors.

Educational Requirements of a Nuclear Engineer

To become a nuclear engineer, one must have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Bachelor’s degree in chemical or mechanical engineering is much preferred. A doctoral degree is also required. These degrees can also be in nuclear engineering or other branch of engineering.

Occupation and Progress of a Nuclear Engineer

Some of the nuclear engineers are working in private and governmental research and development laboratories. Other nuclear engineers are teaching in colleges and universities. Majority of them are employed in nuclear power plants and factories that make nuclear equipments or weapons. Due to the advancement of technology, this job is now in demand. Because of this, many workers will be employed and it simply means that the success is already been achieved.

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