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Game Designer Job Description

Citizens nowadays, children or adults, are fond of playing games. These games, especially video games, are not possible if not for the designers. The rise of popularity of these video games is directly proportional to the rise of game designer jobs. Because of this trend change, you may want to consider being a game designer.

Sounds good? Then let’s tackle more about its nature.

What is a Game Designer?

A game designer is someone who makes a video game. They construct the whole concept of the game, from the graphics to the sound effects. They create the whole story or the essence of the game.

Duties of a Game Designer

  • A game designer is responsible for making the game enjoyable. This is accomplished by having a good sense to what would make the game look good or make it fun.
  • A game designer should also decipher game logic and design to make the game entertaining and exciting.
  • A game designer is also responsible for the game’s layout; this includes the characters, the score, the levels and most importantly, the story or the plot.
  • A game designer should be prolific in making ideas for the game and use the computer to make effects that will give the customer satisfaction.
  • Game designers should also research and evaluate the interests of people at the current period so as to provide games that will be enjoyed.
  • Game designers should also work with other designers to complete the game and give other essential details to make it perfect for market.

Work Condition of a Game Designer

  • A game designer works in an office. Most of his time here is consumed on sketching the designs for the game and facing the computer for the graphics, animation and special effects.
  • A game designer also has meetings with other designers and the board of the company concerning the creation of the game.

Educational Requirements of a Game Designer

  • An aspiring game designer is often required to bear a degree in art or graphic design. He or she is also required to have a background in computer science or computer engineering. This is because this job requires someone to have excellent computer skills to encode the data or codes for the game software.

Occupation and Progress of a Game Designer

  • Game designers work in individual offices but they work with a team. This way, the game will be repaired for malfunctions and improved for the customer’s satisfaction. Usually, they don’t work in contract basis and are just employed. If one wants to progress in this career, he or she should practice for further experience in the fields of art and computer. One should also be creative to make the game much more enjoyable for customers.

If one wants to pursue a career on game designing, he or she should be hardworking, creative, committed, and passionate and is willing to learn. Always remember that success often come to those people who do what they love. Since the market of video games is rising, the employment of game designers will increase through the years. So if you want to unlock the doors toward success, then choose this career as the key.

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