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Executive Producer Job Description

An executive producer has different roles when it comes to film, music, video and etc. The role of an executive producer varies accordingly. Two major goals that they envision is that the film, video, music will be justifiably done and it will be profitable. In the movie and film industry, the presence of an Executive Producer is a must. Any production is never possible without them. If you are one of those who are aspiring to become an executive producer and enjoy doing business in the film and movie industry then this job is one for you. If you would like to be the artist of your own production, it can be. Everything is in your hands.

What is an Executive Producer?

An executive producer may not have that experience to make a movie but they are those who are the major financer of a film. They do not merely contribute to the technical aspect of any production; they are more concerned on the overall production of the film. They are mostly seen as taking care of legal and business issues. Also, an executive producer makes sure that everybody is doing their job. As an executive producer, he or she works closely too with the set director, this is because it is his or her responsibility to create a profitable and a high quality production.

Duties of an Executive Producer

  • Executive producer is mainly the source of finances. They are the ones who invest their own money in order to make things happen. They provide the funding without being credited. Producers may provide money, but big percentage of the fund comes from an executive producer.
  • Another task is that an executive producer makes sure that his or her budget is well off spent. It is important that in a film, music, etc that the money will be spent in right things only. An executive producer may be involved in decision making and also approval of a script. An executive producer may also write or direct the film.
  • An executive producer is said to be the creator since most of the funding and resources came form him or her.
  • After the production is done, it is the task of an executive producer to distribute the production either on a television show or on movie theaters. In short, the executive producer represents the whole production team as the salesperson. They are the ones who convince a network that purchasing their production is worth.
  • Executive producers make sure that the planned production is well traced and applied. If there will be abrupt changes of plans, they make sure that it will not affect the quality, the investment, the budget, and etc.

Educational Requirements of an Executive Producer

For those aspiring executive producers there is no specific degree that you have to enroll in. But of course, your experience in the industry will give you a higher edge among all other aspiring executive producers. Since you will be entering film, movie, television, a bachelor’s degree to it will help you understand the backbone of the job. Bachelor’s degree also in journalism can actually be benefited for future plans since it will cater your writing, reporting, editing, and communication. There are also schools that give certificate to aspiring Executive producers. They give credentials to arts management in order for you to pursue your executive producer career.

Working Condition of an Executive Producer

The working condition of an executive producer may be stressful. This is because most of the responsibilities of the set and production rely on your decision and words. Aside from that he or she budget funds and oversees that all staff are doing their jobs. His or her presence is highly recognized before, during and after the production.

Remuneration of an Executive Producer

For a per hour wages an executive producer can earn $ 42.00. An executive producer can make 57 000 to 133 500 per year including bonuses and other benefits.

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