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Kennel Assistant Job Description

Every animal needs a home. These poor little guys deserve the all the care they need because they are also living things like us. Veterinarians only focus on curing animal diseases or wounds but they never focused on helping animals. That is why the world needs more people who are considerate enough for the animals. And because of this, we encourage you to consider being a Kennel Assistant. Being a Kennel Assistant is like a hero for animals. And if you are an animal lover, you are the perfect person for this.

Want to be a hero? Then let us tackle more about the nature of work of a Kennel Assistant.

What is a Kennel Assistant?

A kennel assistant is someone who performs duties that have inclination to animals. Although they do not primarily focus on healing animals when they have wounds or sickness, their main objective is to protect the animals and make sure that they are safe.

Duties of a Kennel Assistant

  • A kennel assistant is responsible to take care of animals. They feed them, let them drink water; give them vaccines and assistance if they need such.
  • Kennel assistants also monitor the health of the animal. If there are wounds or complications, they will try to take care of them. If they can not handle the situation, then they will let a veterinarian take a look on the animal.
  • Sometimes, if there are pet owners who abandon their pets, kennel assistants have the duty to get these pets and take care of them until they find a new home.
  • When animals die, kennel assistants have to cremate the animal’s body properly to ensure that there will be no bacteria or germs that the body will create.
  • If the animal has a sickness that can not be cured and they suffer because of it, the kennel assistant can apply euthanasia.

Work Condition of a Kennel Assistant

  • A kennel assistant has a kind of stressful working conditions. They have to deal with emotional stress or grief when they apply euthanasia to animals. They have to handle different tense situations.
  • Kennel assistants work in a department. If they are assigned to guard the department or entertain the clients in the department, they have their own offices. If the kennel assistant is assigned in the field, then they will only have quarters to return to since most of their times are spent on the field.

Educational Requirements of a Kennel Assistant

  • Employers do not really require a candidate to have a course to be taken up in college. But most of them prefer to hire those people who have finished courses in Animal Science, Veterinary Medicine or any related field. They also prefer those who have been trained in medicines and euthanasia.
  • Employers do not really have high educational requirements because they believe that knowledge in this career is better acquired at work.

Progress and Occupation of a Kennel Assistant

Kennel Assistants work in their departments and often work with other departments like the police and pounds. They have to work with these departments in order to maximize their connections.

The employment outlook for this job will increase through the years. And because this job does not require much, the candidates will have better employment opportunities. If you want to go on a journey to success by helping animals, then start by choosing the amazing career of being a kennel assistant.

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