Junior Network Engineer Job Description

A lot of people whose interests are into networking prefer to apply on jobs that involved network connectivity and internet access. Acquiring a junior network engineer job is one of the most in demand professions today. Aside from being in demand it is also considered to be one of the most rewarding jobs these days.

Are you interested on this profession? Get all the details you need regarding this job.

What is a Junior Network Engineer?

A Junior Network Engineer is someone who manages and understands the important issues that have connections with administering and maintaining business infrastructure, including network connectivity, net access, email and other task with network connection. A junior network engineer understands the subjects associated in administering as well as maintaining business WAN.

Duties of a Junior Network Engineer

  • A junior network engineer normally assists with the management and maintenance of the communication system, such as phone switches. He is also responsible in assisting with the conception of new employed communication as well as voicemail extensions even with routing extensions to appropriate places and updating details as the assignments change.
  • A junior network engineer is responsible for setting up and maintaining the computer locations and software for every Etensity training program. He is also responsible in setting up and maintaining the Learning Studio computer locations in the company.
  • A junior network engineer is responsible in providing support company applications; internal company servers, user desktops, etc. His assistance is also needed when it involved with basic troubleshooting, backup, along with archiving. He also helps set up and recover computer software along with network equipment.
  • A junior network engineer is in charge in creating network and email accounts for new users in the company. He is also in charge in setting up computers for new users and guarantees fast delivery of tools to users in various locations if needed. A junior network engineer updates company phone lists as well as email address books.

Work Condition of a Junior Network Engineer

A junior network engineer’s schedule may vary. He is typically working in a normal office environment. His works needs extensive computer usage and his responsibilities should always be implied even during night shifts and weekends especially if there are certain projects that need to be completed at once.

Educational Requirements of Junior Network Engineer

If you are interested to apply on this job then here are the general requirements you need to know: Interested applicant should have knowledge in electronic equipment, circuit boards, chips, processors along with related equipment is necessary for a junior network engineer. Employers typically look for at least a bachelor’s degree though an MBA with technology as a center factor is frequently preferred. At present, 70% working in computer companies started out with non-IT degrees.

Occupation and Progress of a Junior Network Engineer

Computer networking is actually one of the top six fastest-growing professions nowadays, according to the U.S. Department of Labor (www.bls.gov). The last decade recorded an extraordinary development in computer system design along with connected industries. Businesses and productions both large and small rely on junior network engineers to design, set up, preserve and protect their computer systems.

This profession will not help you develop your computer skills even further but it is also very rewarding.

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