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Jr. Copywriter Job Description

Our world at present is surrounded by talking and walking advertisements. And because each and every product is in competition with each other, there is a need to manage creativity at its best. Creativity starts with ideas and should end up in writing to formulate the blueprint of a concept.

What is a Jr. Copywriter?

A Jr. Copywriter assists the Copywriter in terms of doing the leg work for a particular advertising movement. He usually works with tandem with a Copywriter along with an Art Director.

Duties of a Jr. Copywriter

  • A Jr. Copywriter, together with the Copywriter thinks of concepts and ideas regarding an advertising campaign they are working on. He is expected to attend scheduled meetings which may weekly or daily.
  • A Jr. Copywriter is responsible for writing a material on the Copywriter’s instructions. He is also expected to make alterations and improvements on advertising material if instructed by the Copywriter.
  • A Jr. Copywriter is responsible for proposing original and innovative ideas to the creative team. He is also expected to help in inscribing press releases.
  • It is a Jr. Copywriter’s responsibility to know useful information about the client’s market receivers as well as to uphold standards of advertising implementation with the Copywriter.
  • The Jr. Copywriter together with the Copywriter evaluates copywriting material before endorsing it to an Art Director for design. He is also responsible for informing the Copywriter of the progression of advertising campaign with regards to meeting the deadline.
  • He is responsible for assessing all copywriting projects assigned to him before it will be delegated to external personnel for completion of project.
  • A Jr. Copywriter must also widen his expertise and proficiency to be able to take the role of a Copywriter in a given time.

Work condition of a Jr. Copywriter

  • A Jr. Copywriter usually works under the wing of a Copywriter in an advertising firm. This is a corporate position if taken on as a full-time profession. Most often full-time positions are harder to find, while freelance positions are more available and can even be home-based.
  • He may work in an office which he may share with other Jr. Copywriters. This profession is strictly time pressured. A Jr. Copywriter may go out of the office to be able to search for stimulation in terms of drawing new ideas and concepts. He will always be in competition with others to be able to come up with distinctive and inimitable advertising or creative concepts.

Educational Requirements of a Jr. Copywriter

  • A Jr. Copywriter must have completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising, Marketing, Design, Journalism, English or Media.
  • Others take up additional courses and workshops in creative writing and similar topics to polish their skills.

Occupation and Progress of a Jr. Copywriter

The compensation for a Jr. Copywriter will depend on the type and size of the advertising firm or organization he is with. Experience and educational accomplishment also plays a major role in determining his pay grade. However most Jr. Copywriters employed with an advertising firm or organization is also compensated with benefits such as vacation and sick leave credits and additional allowances that may contribute to his total earnings. At present a Jr. Copywriter may have an entry level salary of $25,000 annually and can increase up to $30,000 over time.

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