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Purchasing Manager Job Descriptions

Purchasing Manager, also less popularly known as procurement officers, create purchasing strategies while taking into account the company budget and then choose and deal with suppliers.

Based on a specific business field, the functions and duties of a Purchasing department in any organization includes the following:

  • Prepare and execute import plans
  • Search, choose and deal with suppliers
  • Search and expand suppliers in order to be able to purchase goods that are of high quality but at a low price.
  • Make someone in charge of, supervise, and conduct what subordinates are supposed to do.
  • Manage and execute the activity quota assigned to the Unit approved by the company director;
  • Collect procurement demand notes from various units;
  • Find suppliers, enquire for quotation list, compare and select a suitable supplier;
  • Report every supplier’s profile and have it approved
  • Prepare orders, then submit and send them to suppliers;
  • Make prepayment as regulated for procurement of goods;
  • Supervise and speed up the delivery schedule of the supplier to the warehouse or to relevant units/individuals;
  • Make acceptance or delivery reports;
  • As for sudden demands or demands for a small quantity of goods that the supplier can not make the delivery, buy directly from the supplier;
  • Make payment and prepayment;
  • Update information relating to the supplier such as about qualification, product, delivery time, after sales service, payment method, potential development, etc. at all times to be able to select the most suitable one;
  • Frequently find new suppliers;

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