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Senior Companion Job Description

A senior companion is one who gives assistance to the elderly, disabled and also to the people who are recovering from illness. The companion can also be referred to as a home care aide and his or her tasks may depend on the employer.

Specific Duties of a Senior Companion

Probably, the most important thing that a senior companion should do is to make sure that the person he or she is assisting is in good condition. The companion may be required to read stories, talk and even play with their employers. Since it is the duty of the companion to keep the employer safe and happy, he is also responsible for giving proper medication to the employer. He is also the one who prepares the meals and makes the bed for the employer. The companion may also be in charge in the planning of activities for his employer in order to keep him socially active. Some companions may even be required to do business related activities such as go to the bank or go to a business meeting with the employer.

Qualifications and Skills

A senior companion should be very patient and endearing. As much as possible, a companion who has the same culture, educational background, social beliefs and principles with the employer is the one being hired. He or she must be well versed in the English language, or if the employer has a native tongue, he should be able to speak using it too. Most of the time, employers prefer high school graduates or those who have graduated in courses related to family life, nursing, psychology and others. There are many skills that are required in this job however, some of them like cooking, can be learned informally.

Degrees and Training to Become a Senior Companion

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