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Night Club Manager Job Description

People enjoy going on nightclubs in order to unwind and relax from work, talk with friends, dance, and have few drinks. While the nightclub lights are on, the night club manager works behind the scene making sure that safety is maintained.

What is a night club manager?

The night club manager is the person who oversees the holistic aspect of the club. Managers have the ability to do multitasking with fun and possess business management skills to make sure that the environment and revenue of the night club meets the business format.

Duties of a night club manager

  • The most crucial aspect in the job description of a night club manager is achieving quotas in sales and profit margins.
  • Profitable night club is mostly achieved through providing good quality of music, talented DJs and proper maintenance on the lighting, dance floor and other things that may enhance the ambience of a nightclub.
  • The nightclub manger is also responsible training and hiring qualified employees like barmaids, bartenders, cashiers, bouncers, cooks, DJs and maintenance workers.
  • The nightclub manager oversees the process of ordering food, glasses, alcohol, ice, napkins and other club supplies on routine basis.
  • The job of a night club manager entails good planning strategies and implementing night club’s special promotions.
  • Moreover, nightclub managers require adherence with safety standards regarding club operations, transferring money to the bank as well as preventing theft.

Condition of work

Night club managers are employed in cities, malls, private businesses, within hotels and downtown complexes. They often work at long hours making sure that the club runs smoothly.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a night club manager, a college degree in business management and food service is essential. A degree in finance, accounting operations and MBA programs that are offered in most universities and colleges is also preferred by some employers. There are also some schools available that offer service training certification, safe handling of food, food service and first aid which also serve as an important qualification to become a night club manager.

Occupation and Progress

Nightclub managers with prior work experience earn an average salary of $47,000 in 2010. Night club manager also receive some bonuses. More work experience on the related field also means higher salary. The job outlook for nightclub managers appears optimistic as highly-skilled managers with good number of work experience can be very hard to retain.

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