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Night Auditor Job Description

The term night auditor may be unfamiliar to lots of people. If you want to know the roles and responsibilities of this type of career, below are the lists of information to read on about the job description of a night auditor.

What is a night auditor?

Night auditors work in hotels or motels performing bookkeeping and acting as front desk officer. Except in small motels, most hotel businesses require the job for night auditors. Duties may differ according to the facility size but the main job for night auditors is handling accounting duties at the end of the day.

Duties of a night auditor

  • A night auditor is responsible in auditing daily guest of the motel or hotel in order to balance and verify entries. If there is a restaurant in a hotel, the night auditor must also balance and verify its ledger entries. The ledger allows showing all receivable accounts which includes room services, room charges and telephone calls.
  • If there are discrepancies, the night auditor performs investigation and corrects the problem. They are also responsible in creating daily deposit and make sure that there has been an accurate amount of starting cash in the front desk for the following morning.
  • Additionally, night auditors can also act as a clerk in a front desk hotel during quieter hours. In most large hotels, night auditors assist their full time desk agent. Their work also involves in and out checking of guests, taking phone reservations and providing other services which includes giving directions to guests, giving requests for extra things and towels and offer directions to nearby restaurants and stores.
  • Night auditors keep a keen eye on their security cameras and immediately respond to guest’s complaints about room conditions and noise.
  • Their job description includes doing data entry or database and processing various reports in computer accounting for the restaurant and hotel. They also input reservations to their computer system and update the status of hotel rooms.

Conditions of Work

Night auditors typically work 3rd shift from 11 p.m. up to 7 a.m. The job may also require working on holidays and weekends with a quiet clean and comfortable working environment.

Educational Requirements

In order to become a night auditor, a GED or high school diploma is necessary. Some employers usually prefer a work experience in general accounting and bookkeeping. Aspirants are also required to be proficient in computer-related tasks. Night auditors should be well-groomed with an excellent skill in customer service.

Occupation and Progress

On 2009, the starting salary for night auditors is about $8 up to $10 per hour. For candidates with 5 years work experience, the increase is about $9.50 to $12.50. Full-time night auditors usually receive health insurance, vacation pay and retirement plan.

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