Junior Database Administrator Job Description

Nowadays there is a fast increase in networking and links computer together. A lot of company is using a computer system to help them with their business. And as long as these companies exist, they will need to hire a Junior Database Administrator. They are a great help in keeping the database of these companies up to date.

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What is a Junior Database Administrator?

Along with a DBA Consultants a Junior DBA is in charge of designing, implementing, maintaining and repairing the database of a company. At times they are the one who plans, develop and troubleshoots.

Duties of a Junior Database Administrator

  • A Junior Database Administrators work may mostly be about maintenance of a company but can also specialize in developing a database. They are the one who establish the necessity of the user and monitor their security and access.
  • They monitor the performance and manage the parameters to give fast responses to users. A Junior Database Administrator maps out in outline the conceptual design for a database. They also think about the organisation of data and the accessibility for users.
  • Processing the logical design in a way that it can be converted to a specific data model. After that they refine the physical design for them to meet the requirements of system storage. They also install and test the new version of database management system.
  • A Junior Database Administrator writes documentation for a database. This would include data standards, procedures and metadata. They are the one who control privilege and permission for access. They regularly talk to technical staff to make sure of the integrity and security of the database.

Work Condition of a Junior Database Administrator

  • Most of the work of a Junior Database Administrator is done in an office. At times they may be asked to travel to different workplaces were their clients are, it can both be locally or overseas.
  • A Junior Database Administrator works the regular office hours forty hours per week but may be asked to work during evening and weekends and may be on call at times especially when problems comes up. They usually work together with their clients, staff and database manufacturers.

Educational Requirement of a Junior Database Administrator

Employers would usually hire candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and other related fields. But for those high school graduates who want to have this position, they need to have formal training in computer science. Other trainings in different kinds of networking specialties may also be an advantage.

Occupation and Progress of a Junior Database Administrator

According to latest statistics the demand for database administrators is expected to increase faster than the average throughout the coming years. A Junior Database Administrator may be promoted to become a Consultant. They can move to bigger companies that offer higher pay. If they execute great management skills, they can be given a job where they manage other database administrators.

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