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LPN Instructor Job Description

In contemporary society, there has been a huge demand of nurses in different corners of the world. If you are a RN and want to venture into other branches of medical field such as teaching, then becoming a LPN instructor can be interesting to you. It is a great job to be an inspiration or a role model to aspirants who want to become successful nurses. It is fulfilling to know that the knowledge and skills you gained during your study will be pass to the new batches of nurses.

What is an LPN Instructor?

A LPN instructor is a person who teaches students how to become a successful nurse. A LPN instructor is a registered nurse that incorporates teaching into his profession. They also avail some privileges but in general, they are the one who evaluates the knowledge and skills of the students who wants to a registered nurse, achieve a higher license or rating and make a profession.

Duties of an LPN Instructor

  • They provide satisfactory education and nursing instructions to aspiring students.
  • Teach students modern concepts and techniques in the field of nurses.
  • Its main task is to lead and manage the students and making direct learning activities in the classroom, laboratory and other field of learning.
  • They must also maintain the level of professionalism in all times.
  • Monitor the student’s attendance, grades and also discipline some issues if necessary.
  • They must do the required forms such as: attendance, mid-term reports, grade reports, and student advising forms.
  • LPN instructors may provide students with academic support, tutoring and skills enhancement as necessary.
  • They should also prepare and organize lesson materials, equipment and training area to have a teaching proficient.

Work Conditions of an LPN Instructor

The LPN’s job environment is similar with other instructor but they basically focus on the nursing module lessons. They also required having a minimum of students to teach per year which depend on the place they are working in. The performance of the students taking the licensure examination will greatly affect the teaching proficiency of the instructor. Its working condition may become their daily routine which makes them expert in the field of nursing.

Educational Requirements of an LPN Instructor

Qualification for being an LPN instructor should have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing having a two years experience and a year long term care experience and teaching adults. It also required that it passed the licensure examination for nursing (registered nurse). Criminal background check and fingerprinting are also required to other companies.

Occupation and Progress of an LPN Instructor

An LPN instructor can work in reputable nursing schools in which they can maximize the use of their learning and profession. Some of them enjoy in having their own little nursing school and become full time private instructors. Whatever path they may take the important thing is they can perform their duties and responsibilities and be able to become an effective instructor to ensure the level of competency of students.

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