NDT Technician Job Description

In the field of Engineering and the Sciences, there is a creation of newer and better ways to be able to improve products and services. Organizations and businesses apply all these innovative ideas everyday to strive for total quality. Nondestructive testing involves many methods and principles that require technical professionals for more years to come.

What is a NDT Technician?

An NDT Technician is a worker who performs Nondestructive testing techniques and methods in accordance with the employers’ or clients’ needs depending on the type of industry.

Duties of an NDT Technician

  • An NDT Technician is responsible for executing the tests using the procedures and methods to determine maximum quality of the product.
  • An NDT Technician is responsible for inspecting duties, organizes and generates reports pertaining to inspection and evaluation. He is also expected to prepare reports on all testing and evaluations done.
  • An NDT Technician is responsible for ensuring that the equipments used for testing are all functioning to its maximum and according to safety regulations. He is also responsible for endorsing the equipments to repair.
  • An NDT Technician is responsible for prioritizing job orders in terms of its cost and effectiveness.
  • He travels to the site where he is needed to support in terms of giving technical operation evaluations. He is also expected to follow instructions given by his supervisor.

Work condition of an NDT Technician

An NDT Technician usually works with other technicians in an industrial plant. He works mostly in the laboratory or assigned work area. He is expected to be physically fit to be able to handle the demands of the job. He is expected to be able to work according to the overall plans implemented by the Senior NDT Technician or Supervisor. He is expected to be familiar with inspection techniques. He is also required to have a driver’s license.

Educational Requirements of an NDT Technician

  • An NDT Technician should have completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • He must have a wide knowledge and vast experience in certain fields of NDT, depending on the type of industry.
  • He must have several certifications that will ascertain his technical and applicable knowledge in NDT. He must also be familiar with certain Engineering standards that will be used in performing the job.

Occupation and Progress of an NDT Technician

At present all companies are striving to be awarded certain international organization certificates. This honor and prestige places the name of their business or company in the highest pulpit of the consumer world. With this in turn, many specialist jobs are being needed all over the world. This job may possibly have an opportunity to travel. Currently the annual pay of an NDT Technician averages $60,000 to $63,000. Since this is a highly skilled profession, most companies even give additional benefits to their employees. This position has many opportunities for promotion to either a supervisorial position or even a lateral promotion which may mean a transfer to another technical department. Gaining more work experience will can eventually lead to a higher pay grade.

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