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NRI Relationship Manager Job Description

In the fast growth of the world, the market has become global and the clientele has become international. It is also true with financial institutions nowadays especially banks to cater to other nationalities within a country. The world has become smaller and so the banking business is expanding to international customers. People travel the world more often and getting to work in other countries is not uncommon. In a bank, it is the NRI Relationship Manager that caters to foreigners particularly Indians to give them a sense of home in a foreign land.

What is a NRI Relationship Manager?

A NRI or Non Resident Indian Relationship Manager is someone who is responsible for the management of a customer especially NR preferred customers to get the most out of their money, pick on the right choices and allow their money work for them.

Duties of a NRI Relationship Manager

  • A NRI Relationship Manager is responsible for the creation of new business and maintenance professional relationships with present clients. He makes calls to prospective clients and set up sales presentations to clubs, organizations, groups, associations and other companies
  • It is the duty of a NRI Relationship Manager to provide financial advice and offer customized key product solutions that adhere to the financial institution’s guidelines as well as of the industry regulations.
  • Through excellent customer service, it is the NRI Relationship Manager’s task to build and maintain loyalty to the current clients of the bank. It is his duty to keep the customers updated on the new products and services offered by the bank that will be a great help to them to be able to continue in its clientele range growth.
  • A NRI Relationship Manager must be able to ensure that the financial institution’s sales goals and target for all significant products are met as well as the quality of customer service given is of high standard and in accordance to the bank’s rules and policies.

Work Condition of a NRI Relationship Manager

A NRI Relationship Manager typically works in a financial institution that has working hours from nine to five. He may have occasional travels if the work requires him to do so.

It is required that the manager has interpersonal and customer care skills. He can work under pressure and guarantees customer satisfaction. He is someone that can be easily be trusted by the clients and can build professional relationships with them to enable to establish loyalty of the clients to their bank. This position demands very good oral and written communication skills. He also needs to have leadership skills in handling the other employees that may be assigned under him. Knowledge of other languages is an added plus in this type of work as customers may vary in culture and race.

Educational Requirements of a NRI Relationship Manager

To land this kind of position in the banking industry, a bachelor’s degree in business and other related field is the minimum requirement. Since this is a managerial position, a master’s degree will be advantageous to the interested applicant for this job. He is also an Indian national and holds residential status in the country he is going to work.

Occupation and Progress of a NRI Relationship Manager

There is a steady demand for this work as more Indian nationals are going out of their country to work abroad. Diversifying the services of a financial institution is one way to keep up with the changing global trends. From this position, a NRI Relationship Manager can land higher position through more relevant experience and continuing education of a doctoral or PhD degree. Of course, an exemplary performance will give him an favorable advantage in getting a higher position in the company.

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