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Dancer Job Description

There have been a lot of TV shows that showcase the different talents in dancing of so many individuals. Every one is always impressed by the smooth choreography these dancers show on stage and one has to think how they come up with these steps. If you know the answer then being a dancer might be the right career for you.

What is Dancer?

It may seem that they just prance and flail around on stage whenever they are performing, but dancers express themselves on stage. These expressions include their ideas, rhythm, stories, translated to body movement and sync it with the music in tune. Dancers also choreograph steps and makes sure that everything is synchronized for maximum effect.

Duties of a Dancer

  • Dancers are performers. They perform choreographed moves is different locations which includes TV production, theatre, contests and other performance venues.
  • Researches for new and innovative steps that can be incorporated into a dance number which will result in a crowd pleasing performance and can start a trend within the industry.
  • Coordinates with each team member to make sure that every move executed is in sync to provide maximum effect to the audience. A dancer leading a team should be able to express more than the average as to lead by example.
  • Teaches fellow dancers to guarantee that everyone is aligned with the steps and to make sure that the rest of the group provided enough input to improve performance and showmanship.

Work Condition of a Dancer

  • Work condition varies greatly for each individual dancer. Those working in TV production should expect long hours of rehearsals as well as unconventional hours. They need to be on call in such cases that an emergency rehearsal is to be performed.
  • Expect fatigue due to repetition of the same step. A dance number is broken in several segments during rehearsals and each segment needs to be mastered which means repetition of the same steps.
  • Self discipline is also a major requirement for a dancer as one needs to be healthy to avoid mishaps during a dance performance.

Educational Requirements of a Dancer

  • Anyone can be a dancer, a matter of fact you can see little kids dancing even before they can talk. If you would consider this as a profession, you will need to take further studies on a specific dance discipline.
  • There are about 250 institutions that offer courses in dance. A bachelor’s degree is offered to those who take up fine arts, theater and music, which is an advantage if one, wants to teach in the field of dancing.

Occupation and Progress of a Dancer

  • There are several job openings if you consider a job as a dancer. However, there are plenty of aspiring dancers as well. The competition is stiff and a dancer must have extensive knowledge in different discipline to supplement their choreography. This gives them an advantage to those who stick with just one type of dance. From entry level, a dancer can advance to become a choreographer.

Dancers lead a very demanding life; the discipline it takes to become a serious dancer is not simple. The rewards from these sacrifices however, are very handsome. There are several paths to take when choosing this field; ultimately it boils down to you which path you will take to success.

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