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Collection Representative Job Description

The collection representatives are responsible for handling billings for a company.

The collection representatives work in a variety of industries and often handle other office-related duties such as filing invoices and light bookkeeping. The collection representatives typically spend a lot of their time just trying to track people down on top of communicating with overdue customers.

The Collection Representatives must be able to do the following task in their job function:

  • The collection representatives mail bills and past-due notices to customers, following up with phone calls when necessary.
  • They work off a provided list of customers who either have a payment approaching or one that is delinquent.
  • They make notes on when they plan to make a payment after getting in touch with the customer.
  • They arrange new payment plans for those with past due accounts, simplifying the process and perhaps helping them to avoid late fees.
  • They verify account information and take credit card payments over the phone in the event that a customer is prepared to pay.
  • They notify or locate customers with delinquent accounts and attempts to secure payment, using postal services, telephone, or personal visit.
  • They record information about financial status of customer and status of collection efforts.

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