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Ethnomusicologist Job Description

Music may be the only other thing that comes to a person naturally. There is not a life in this planet that that does not know music. The study of music along with the growth of the music industry may have looked synonymous in that people are starting to develop their flair for music. Ten years ago only the musicians and performers are the only ones who share the spotlight. At present people who revere music now share the spotlight with them.

What is an Ethnomusicologist?

An Ethnomusicologist is an expert in the study of music in correlation with its native culture, its social aspect and its relationship with global music and the different fields of art.

Duties of an Ethnomusicologist

  • An Ethnomusicologist studies music in terms of its culture and its interpretation in a particular community or country.
  • An Ethnomusicologist uses his information to be able to determine the relationship of the culture of music to its community.
  • An Ethnomusicologist may also teach music in a university or in prominent institutions and schools of music. He has to be well-versed with the different styles of music such as modern, classical, folk, jazz, opera, among others.

Work condition of an Ethnomusicologist

  • To know fully the cultural aspects and interpretation of a particular music an Ethnomusicologist usually resides in the community or country where his study is being done.
  • Other Ethnomusicologists may teach in certain institutions or prestigious schools of music.
  • Other Ethnomusicologists may also join the music.

Educational Requirements of an Ethnomusicologist

  • To be an Ethnomusicologist, one must have completed his Bachelor’s Degree in World Music or the study of different styles of music such as folk, jazz, opera, classical, modern and the like.
  • To land a job in prestigious institutions and schools of music, one must have completed his Master’s Degree in Musicology or Ethnomusicology.

Occupation and Progress of an Ethnomusicologist

  • Because the orientation of our community is geared towards liberation in terms of expressing one’s self, music has seen its expansion and progress in the recent years. People before may have several perceptions that music is just for leisure. However currently performers may have the highest paying jobs in any country. More and more venture into the music industry in the hopes of making it big someday. With the popularity and increasing number of supply of performers so to speak, it will just be a matter of time that a profession such as an Ethnomusicologist will be in great demand. Being an Ethnomusicologist means having to study and experience music of different cultures, therefore travel around through different parts of the country will not only be possible. It will allow one to get acquainted with diversified cultures and its people. An Ethnomusicologist will get the chance to work with distinguished men and women in both the music and the arts. Music may just not be leisure, it may also be a means to for you to work and at the same time live the life.

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