Flight Nurse Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 25, 2011

The growing number of Nurses at present is evident in every university or college. Many countries are even hiring overseas nurses to serve their countrymen. Nurses are needed everywhere. As hospitals and institutions are being built, so are the needs of nurses.

What is a Flight Nurse?

A Flight Nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in the care of patients during transfers or rescue operations through an airplane, helicopter or a jet aircraft.

Duties of a Flight Nurse

  • A Flight Nurse provides care and management of patients during flights.
  • A Flight Nurse also provides a care plan for evacuation and rescue missions. She also works with response teams in disaster areas that may have been affected by any calamity.
  • A Flight Nurse ensures comfort and safety of a patient during air flight travel.
  • She guarantees proper medication, needed equipment and supplies of a patient, including other arrangements needed of a patient from his origin to his destination.
  • She acts as a middle man between operational and medical aircrew and other support staff to uphold patient safety and care and to speed up its mission of transfer or rescue.
  • She also commences emergency care in the absence of a doctor or physician medical in-flight crisis.
  • A Flight Nurse is a specialist in intensive care skills and vasoactive medication and mechanical ventilation.

Work condition of an Flight Nurse

  • A Flight Nurse may be affiliated with a hospital specializing in in-flight transfers of patients.
  • A Flight Nurse may also work with different agencies of the government to promote care and safety of patients during rescue mission and evacuations.
  • She may also work with private organizations which specialize in safety and care of patients in aerial transfers.
  • A Flight Nurse can also work as a member of the military aeromedical team who also specializes in transfers and emergency rescue operations.

Educational Requirements of a Flight Nurse

  • A Flight Nurse has to be a Registered Nurse and must acquire training in Emergency Medical Technician-Basic and must also have an experience in Intensive care unit, Emergency Department and pre-hospital care.
  • Some Flight Nurses are also required to undergo advanced Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic course while others are asked to attain Emergency Nursing, Flight Nursing or Critical Care board certifications.

Occupation and Progress of a Flight Nurse

  • Being a nurse opens up many opportunities for work overseas as countries continue to supply their health organizations with better and qualified nurses. A registered nurse who may want to further her career will be offered with many options. Being a flight nurse is considered a distinction among the many given its numerous requirements and skills needed in order to gain access to this group. As the job may be demanding, this is actually compensated for by the financial rewards it offers. Not only are you given the chance to have an understanding of a very knowledgeable part of science and life, you are as well given the chance to live a life of financial freedom. A lot of families have been gratified with this profession in that it has lifted their way of living because of superior financial benefits.

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