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Medical Support Assistant Job Description

Any medical institution, either large or small requires medical workers in order to maintain patient’s medical records as well as assisting other health care providers in performing surgeries and other medical intervention.

What is a medical support assistant?

Medical support assistants are professionals who are responsible in handling clerical duties for family practitioner, hospital or other medical facility. They usually answer phone calls, greet patients and guests, schedule clinical appointments and remind the physicians on important agendas. Medical support assistants also handle filings that are related to facility they are working like handling of billings and doing some bookkeeping procedures.

Duties of a medical assistant

  • A medical support assistant provides significant links between the patient and the attending physician. They are usually the first person that patients see in a health care facility.
  • Medical support assistants need to be well-prepared in order to deal with many sick or injured individuals. They mostly use various forms in order to gather patient’s relevant information such as age, name and address, date of birth, possible allergies and medical history.
  • Medical support assistants are also responsible in handling forms that are related to the insurance of the patient.
  • Some medical support assistants are assigned at the hospital’s emergency room department wherein they are required to do their job quickly and inform doctors for patients that need urgent admitting and treatment.
  • In most cases, a medical support assistant performs a wide variety of duties that may change regularly or perhaps daily.

Conditions of Work

Medical support assistants work in any long term health care facility, hospitals, emergency room department, clinics and any other medical facilities. They generally perform administrative tasks and are in-charge in keeping patient’s records.

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Educational Backgrounds

  • In order to become a medical support assistant, a high school diploma, GED or equivalent is the basic requirement. Most medical assistants learn an on the job training provided that they possess an intense work ethic and optimism in their work. However, some employers may require an experience in working as receptionists, secretaries in various industries and administrative assistant.
  • Some candidates are also required to have a certificate or license in working clerical jobs. Meanwhile, medical assistants who handle clinical duties such as laboratory works or monitoring vital signs typically needs associate degree in health, business administration, communications and math.

Occupation and Progress

Job opportunities as medical support assistants are projected to increase by 24% according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS. Medical support assistants also earn about $23,000 to $33,000 per annum.

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