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Marketing Director Job Description

In the world of consumer and the entrepreneur, it is not closely seen that companies generally sell the same types of products. It is differentiated however in how it is being presented to the public. In this way, the consumer now gets to choose. Companies stretch out their advertising in the form of television, print and media. The battle in advertising now starts.

What is a Marketing Director?

A Marketing Director is in command of all marketing approach and tactics in terms of presenting any product to the buying public.

Duties of a Marketing Director

  • A Marketing Director is responsible for devising a marketing outline which details the strategies to be used to achieve sales for the company.
  • A Marketing Director is responsible for strictly following the allocated marketing budget as the marketing plans are being done underway.
  • A Marketing Manager oversees the approval of marketing collaterals to be used for every advertising campaign.
  • A Marketing Manager is responsible for the progression of business development. He has to ensure that there programs to sustain the business in the market.
  • He also spearheads the social and corporate activities that will enable the company to have good relations with external customers as well partners in the business and industry.
  • He handles and supervises the marketing department in terms of hiring the right people to complete the positions and to function in alignment with the company’s goals.
  • He is responsible for presenting ideas and projects to the company in terms of expanding the business. He is also responsible for delivering maximum marketing campaign to boost a product’s visibility in the area.

Work condition of a Marketing Director

  • A Marketing Director works closely with the top executives in a company. As such it is also a very demanding and stressful job. He may work long hours with a very unpredictable schedule depending on the type of concern or issue he has to handle.
  • A Marketing Director may travel often because he has to handle concerns and issues of personnel from different departments and mostly from different areas. He has his own office but would mostly work out of it due to travel.

Educational Requirements of a Marketing Director

  • A Marketing Director must have completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business. He must also have his Master’s Degree in Business Administration.
  • It is a plus for those who have certifications in the industry they are in, as well as belonging to certain associations in Marketing.

Occupation and Progress of a Marketing Director

Since this is a high profile position in a company, a Marketing Director is known to be one of the highest salaried-employee in a company. With experiences, smart and innovative initiatives and propositions, a company is sure to hire you as a Marketing Director. This position comes with a very high compensation package. At present marketing Directors are known to earn $130, 000 annually. This comes with benefits such as vacation and sick leave credits, car plan, insurance advantage and a very comprehensive insurance package. One may work long hours, in exchange for a handsome benefit offer.

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